Ayyam-i-Ha Cards!

In a few weeks, Baha’is around the world celebrate Ayyam-i-Ha which is a time of bringing cheer to others, visiting the poor and needy and giving gifts.  One of the ways I like to celebrate is by giving Ayyam-i-Ha cards to show my love for my friends and family.  Each card is hand-made using beautiful Japanese paper and come in a set of 5 cards with gold envelopes.  The cards also come in a lovely gold cloth bag to adorn them.  I will be making sets of them soon and will be sending out orders in about a week.  Here is the link to view the cards.  Enjoy!
And here is a link to the Ayyam-i-Ha song I recently re-recorded.  Enjoy!


    jaleh February 5, 2011Reply

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
    some one wants you to make a few hundred wedding cards!

    Elika February 11, 2011Reply

    Thanks Jalehjoon! Yes I look forward to making wedding cards too 🙂

    jaleh February 12, 2011Reply

    always makes me happy to see your page!

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