Rehearsals for Cheng Lin's Concert

We have finished rehearsals in Beijing for Cheng Lin’s upcoming Spring Festival Peony Concert.  On Saturday I will be travelling to Luo Yang to join the band and Lin for final rehearsals for the concert on April 13.  We’ve had several practices and I feel confident with the Chinese songs that I’ll be singing with the chorus.  In the last couple of weeks, I feel like I’ve been a sponge soaking up the whole process of creating a full concert and what that entails.  I see how hard Lin has been working to put it all together while consulting with the engineers, director of the concert, lighting engineers, musicians, media and more!
Lin has also invited KC Porter and Eric Harper from the US to join her in concert which has brought a lovely feeling of unity in diversity among the musicians.  Even though not everyone speaks the same language, I still see the bonding of the hearts through performing music together and everyone working hard perfecting the songs.  We will be performing one of my favorite songs composed by KC Porter called ‘Canto’ which was performed on the Embrace the World Tour.  I’m so excited about the concert as it’ll be an electrifying evening with lots of wonderful music including a repertoire from Lin’s older songs, some from her new ones from her upcoming album, Greater than Gold and two compositions from KC Porter.
Here are some photos of our sessions in the rehearsal studio with all the talented musicians.


    Jarome Matthew April 7, 2009

    Wow, Lin sure is ambitious!
    So glad you get to be a part of this, it’s great experience although I think your talent far exceeds the role of a backup singer… 😉

    Elika April 8, 2009

    Yes Jarome – Lin has been very ambitious with this concert as she’s putting together a whole band with a percussionst, drummer, pianist, bass player, 2 guitarists and 4 back-up singers! I’m glad I get to participate as it’s the experience that matters and having the opportunity to get to know all these talented musicians.