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The Perfect Birthday Gift!

My new album ‘Infinite Bounty’ was delivered to my home just in time for my birthday!   The timing could not be more perfect! 🙂 I spent part of my birthday packaging the CDs and finishing up the specialty cards ..

Making specialty cards for Infinite Bounty Deluxe Package

This week I have been working on creating the specialty cards for my deluxe edition orders for ‘Infinite Bounty’.  I am so grateful for the response and the orders I have received thus far!  I am now officially out of ..

Deluxe package: Infinite Bounty CD/book + Original art card

Art is one of my passions and I am often trying to find ways of incorporating art with my music.  So together with the upcoming release of my album ‘Infinite Bounty’ on November 14 (tomorrow!), as one of the options ..