Infinite Bounty One Year Anniversary Art Sale & Lucky Draw!

One year has flown by since the release of my album ‘Infinite Bounty’!  I am celebrating by having a one week anniversary sale of the album accompanied by 14 limited pieces of artwork I have created especially for this occasion.   As I was working on each art piece and reflecting on the album and the lyrics within, I was struck by how relevant the quotations are to the recent events we are facing worldwide.  The ongoing suffering has weighed heavily on my heart so I wanted each canvas to include a meaningful short quotation from different tracks on ‘Infinite Bounty’.  The inspiration for the 14 limited edition pieces of artwork came from the cover photo on the album so I have used similar colors.
Each art piece may also be purchased with an ‘Infinite Bounty’ album download or ‘Infinite Bounty’ physical CD (which are on sale this week only).  You will see the options on the Etsy shop where all the artwork is posted – there are 4 blank cards, 8 small canvas art pieces which come with metal stands and 2 larger canvas paintings with clear stands (which are perfect for gifts or home decor as table art).  Here is the link to view the art pieces.  If you would like to only purchase the ‘Infinite Bounty’ CD, here is a link with this weeks sale price (with up to 30% off)!
There is also a lucky draw where the winner will receive an ‘Infinite Bounty’ digital album download plus a beaded bookmark from my collection.  To enter, kindly share this blog post on social media and write a comment below so I know you have shared it.  In one week I will choose a name from the comments section below.
Below are a few samples of the art (you can click on each photo below to take you directly to the Etsy painting site).  Over the next week I will be blogging more about the art pieces, the music and how the paintings were created.  Enjoy!

Art mini square canvas with inspiring quotation from the track 'Detached from All Save Thee'

Art square canvas with inspiring quotation from the track ‘Detached from All Save Thee’

Specialty art card inspired by the cover of 'Infinite Bounty'

Specialty art card inspired by the cover of ‘Infinite Bounty’

Abstract mini rectangular canvas with quotation from track 'Infinite Bounty'

Abstract rectangular canvas with quotation from track ‘Infinite Bounty’

Square mini canvas with inspiring quotation with 'Infinite Bounty' CD

Square canvas with inspiring quotation with ‘Infinite Bounty’ CD


    Lisa Henke November 23, 2015Reply

    Posted to Facebook: Elika Mahony, who beautifully sings selections from the Baha’i writings, is having a sale this week on her latest cd – plus you can enter to win one.
    Your singing and music and paintings are all beautiful!

    Varya November 23, 2015Reply

    Beautiful. Love your music and art! Shared on my FB page.

    Hala November 23, 2015Reply

    Awesome! Shared on fb 🙂

    Shirin November 23, 2015Reply

    Such lovely art pieces to go with the beautiful album! 🙂

    Cheri November 23, 2015Reply

    Your gifts of combining art and music and creativity are such a gift in and of themselves, Elika. Each one is a treasure of the spirit in adoration.

    jaleh November 24, 2015Reply

    Precious talents… beautiful quotes with gorgeous paintings and awesome music! Thank you!
    We all love to share your very special gifts.

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  • Keary November 24, 2015Reply

    Lovely, happy to share on Facebook. 🙂

    Keary November 24, 2015Reply

    Lovely, happy to share on Facebook! 🙂

    Jarome November 24, 2015Reply

    I can’t believe my favorite paintkngs were still available when j had a chance to choose! These works are so beautiful, it’s hard to believe there are still some gorgeous ones available! The colors also make Christmas gifts for those that are celebrating this. Amazing work Elika, inspired by some of your best music yet.

    Kathleen December 1, 2015Reply

    I love all of your work! Shared on facebook.

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