Anniversary Sale for Infinite Bounty Coming Soon!

In a few days I will be sharing an anniversary sale for my latest release, ‘Infinite Bounty’.  I can’t wait to unveil some artwork I have been working on especially for this occasion.  There will be a lucky draw too so stay tuned for more info in the next few days…
anniversary sale coming soon


    Jaleh November 20, 2015Reply

    Congratulations on 1st year anniversary! We are still loving the music and the beautiful video of Infinite Bounty

    Jarome November 21, 2015Reply

    I had the pleasure of seeing in person some of the new artwork Elika is making available for this anniversary, and it is truly stunning and beautiful!
    I will be one of the first to get some of these as soon as they are available, so better keep an aye out and visit before me to get the nicest ones as they are one of a kind and there aren’t very many.
    Amazing work Elika for one of your most wonderful music yet.

    Elika November 22, 2015Reply

    Thank you Jalehjoon!
    Thanks Jarome for your kind words. I’m so glad I was able to show them to you and thanks for all your help.

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