Raindrops – Art Giveaway

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  • One of my dear and talented artist friends, Shirin Sahba, is giving away one of her beautiful art pieces entitled ‘Raindrops’.  Please visit her site for more details for the giveaway.


      Jaleh September 24, 2013Reply

      I absolutely LOVE these paintings! What a treat! Thanks Elly love for posting them and congratulations to dear Shirin for such beautiful creations.

      Cherida Creebsburg September 25, 2013Reply

      Only the idea that your friend Shirin is doing this is filling my heart with Love! Beautiful that she is doing this to give away a original painting. I love her work, the color and the joy one can see in her work…..
      With Love!

      Elika September 25, 2013Reply

      Thank you Jalehjoon and dear Cherida for your comments. Shirin is a hugely talented artist so this is a rare gift that she is giving one of her pieces away.

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