A Visit to Paradise

The beautiful dome of the Shrine of The Bab

Stunning flower tree by the Shrine of the Bab

How does one describe a week in paradise?  I had the privilege of visiting the Baha’i World Centre and spend time with my sweet sister, her husband and my wonderful Mum!  There was a lot of time for prayer, reflection and meditation which was such a healer.  I’m so glad that I was also able to pray for so many friends and family and many dear ones came to my heart at different moments during my visit.
One of the highlights was having the honor to sing alone and aloud in the Shrine of Abdu’l-Baha and all the rooms in the Shrine of The Bab.  I had asked the guide before entering the Shrines whether this would be possible and she very kindly encouraged me to feel free to sing aloud as I had arrived just as the Shrines opened and they were empty.  What a blessing!
Another highlight was hearing a melody as I was praying silently in the Shrine of the Bab.  In order not to forget it, I rushed to the Terraces just below the Shrines and recorded the melody on my phone.  The song is a call and response style and a couple of nights later I was able to try it out at a musical evening/devotional gathering at my sister’s home.  She echoed the parts and everyone joined in.  The evening was so joyful and full of spirit.
I met so many wonderful people on my visit and feel so grateful for the opportunity to visit such a peaceful and sacred place.  Below are some photos I took on my visit!  Enjoy!

Plumeria (Frangipani) flowers by the Shrine of the Bab

The Shrine of the Bab side view

The Shrine of the Bab lit at dusk

Marble pillars of the Shrine of the Bab

Marble top of the Seat of the Universal House of Justice

White Stone Path to the Shrine of Baha'u'llah


    Jaleh October 12, 2013Reply

    Love this blog and the beautiful photos. Thanks sweet love for rekindling the memories. So loved being with you…

    Glenn October 12, 2013Reply

    Wonderful photos. From the detail on the Shrine of The Báb, to the Shrine at night, to the pathway to the Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh. What a glorious privilege to be there.
    It brings tears of joy to know that you were able to sing in the Shrine of The Báb.
    Looking forward to hearing the melody.

    Kenneth Bowers October 12, 2013Reply

    Thank you for sharing your visit. It sounds like it was a fantastic and fulfilling visit. And getting to sing in such a holy place as the Bab’s shrine must have been an unbelievable experience. The pictures are beautiful.

    bret breneman October 13, 2013Reply

    Beautiful to think of music generated in the shrines, like a figure for the very renewal of civilization. And I like to think we’re receiving the benefit of your prayers.

    Elika October 18, 2013Reply

    Thank you Glenn! Your photos have inspired me to be thoughtful in my photography and to really look at my subjects differently. Glad you like the photos.
    Thanks Kenneth! Yes singing in the Shrines was truly awe-inspiring and a huge blessing which I’m very thankful for.
    Yes Bret! You and your family were in my prayers!
    Jalehjoon – such a gift to spend time with you as always. Love you!

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  • Catherine Echraghi October 20, 2013Reply

    Thank you very much dear Elika, we feel also a little that we were there too for a while. God bless you.

    Elika December 28, 2013Reply

    Thank you dear Catherine. So glad you enjoyed the photos.

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