Glimmerings in List of 10 Best New Age Albums of 2012

Great news! I received an email today from John P. Olsen, interview host and review publicist at New Age Music World, informing me that he had included Glimmerings in his list of the 10 Best New Age Albums of 2012!
In his review, John wrote: “International recording artist Elika Mahony has given the world one beautiful piano and instrumental album with her 12 original songs on Glimmerings, whose tonal depth and beauty go far beyond what I first anticipated. Currently over thirty online radio stations worldwide, like UK based One World Radio and Celtic Radio are apparently reaching the same conclusion by their constant online radio airtime.”
Thank you, John! Please click here to visit New Age Music World and to read the full review.


    Joyce Harmsen December 2, 2012Reply

    Dearest Elika, Congratulations! What an honor! I’m so happy for you. You and your music continue to be a deep source of comfort and joy to me. I play all your music constantly. Love, Joyce

    Sarmad December 2, 2012Reply

    Congratulations, dear Elika! That is SUCH awesome news! Big hugs to family! 🙂

    Elika December 4, 2012Reply

    Thank you Joyce. I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying the music.
    Thanks Sarmad! You and Varya are always so full of love and support!

    Jarome December 4, 2012Reply

    Congratulations Elika!
    A much deserved recognition for such an amazing body of work.

    Elika December 8, 2012Reply

    Thanks so much Jarome.

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