The Borderland & Mainly Piano Review Glimmerings!

Two more lovely reviews have just come in for Glimmerings.  Below is a glimpse of the first from Mainly Piano.  Click here to read the full review:
Glimmerings begins with “Commencement,” a graceful piano solo that conveys the hope and optimism of a fresh start as well as a little bit of the fear of the unknown. I really like “Awakening,” which feels like soul searching but also suggests moving forward despite any obstacles. The title track introduces Elika’s wordless vocals, creating a passionate duet for voice and piano. “Dawning” is another favorite with its sense of urgency and beautiful flow. “Daybreak” is a quiet, soothing, and very peaceful piano solo that becomes more vibrant as it evolves, describing the colors of the sky at sunrise. “Reflection” hints at Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” and then goes in an entirely different direction, but the passion and beauty of the piece are similar to the classical master’s – also a favorite. I love the combination of piano and cello, and the duet of “Realization” conveys a mournful sadness and regret that touches the soul. “Evanescence” begins peacefully, expressing longing and becoming more intense as it builds to a passionate outburst of deep emotion, then tapering off. “Final Journey” is a heartfelt duet for piano and cello that was composed on the day Elika’s mother-in-law passed away. This lovely and loving piece is sad, but also hopeful – more like a “so long” than a “goodbye.” I really like this one, too!
The second review is from The Borderland:
Glimmerings is a collection of instrumental pieces written or spontaneously improvised in the recording studio by pianist Elika Mahony. A woman of the world, literally, these compositions are a musical journey through a life, not necessarily the composers’. Recorded in Beijing, China, this music is simply recorded – no overdubs, multi tracks, or studio trickery. Just a woman and her piano with an occasional cello accompaniment, and some vocal embellishment. Click here for the full review.


    Sarmad December 15, 2012Reply

    Love it! 🙂

    Elika May 19, 2013Reply

    Thanks so much Sarmad!

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