New (easy to learn) Ayyam-i-Ha Song and Video!

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  • We have embarked upon the Festival of Ayyam-i-Ha which is a special time of gift giving, charity, hospitality and celebration for Baha’is all over the world. During these precious few days, I try and think of a small gift that I can share to make friends and family feel special. Today I thought of something I never have before! I decided to compose a song… not just any song but one especially on the theme of Ayyam-i-Ha!

    I’ve been singing the same Ayyam-i-Ha song for my children for the last decade and I felt it was time for a change.  So in haste, I quickly jotted down some thoughts on what this festival means to me and the melody came in an instant!  The lyrics are below and I’m sharing a video of the song too so you can hear the melody.  It’s simple, short and easy to sing so if it appeals to you, please feel free to teach it to your friends too. 

    Please note – I just composed the song today and although I’m a beginner on the guitar and it’s very rough, I decided to share the video with you anyway.
    Note:  Since posting this blog, I have re-recorded the Ayyam-i-Ha song professionally.  Larry Magee plays the guitars.  Here is the link to download the song or click on the cover art below.


      Jene Bellows February 26, 2011Reply

      Hi Elika, I like the song, and you sound great on the guitar! I am in the USA rught now, got a new knee replacement. I hope to be back in China in mid April

      Jene Bellows February 26, 2011Reply

      you look geat with the guitar, and I love the song…F

      Renate Wahdatehagh February 26, 2011Reply

      Dearest sweet Elika!!!
      I love your song! I’ll try to bring it into the community today! Too bad I didn’t have it yesterday, we celebrated our community feast!
      Can you compose one in German soon – we hardly have any catchy Baha’i songs 😉
      most loving greetings to you all and a special Ayyam-i-Ha!!!
      warmly, renate

      jaleh February 27, 2011Reply

      I LOVE it! what a wonderful gift! Thank you for sharing this joyful and beautiful song.

      Leila February 27, 2011Reply

      El! So loved seeing you sing this song, and makes me miss you even more!

      meganathan March 1, 2011Reply

      Hi i like the song and i love it…..thanks

      Elika March 3, 2011Reply

      Dear Jene, hope you’re doing alright after your knee operation. Thinking of you and looking forward to your next visit.
      Thanks dear Renate! I’m so glad you like the song. Perhaps you can translate it into German. Composing a song in German would be v difficult. 🙂
      Hi Jalehjoon and Leil! Miss you guys. So happy you like the song!

      Varya March 4, 2011Reply

      Beautiful song! Is it possible to have it uploaded to youku?

      shohreh March 6, 2011Reply

      Is there no end to your talent?

      mehraz March 13, 2011Reply

      what a wonderful song. so appropriate for that joyous occasion.

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