'Edge of Forever' ranked #3. Please vote!

Our song, ‘Edge of Forever’ was entered in the ourstage.com song contest in the World category on June 1st.  We were thrilled to hear a week ago that it had reached #1 out of 271 entries!!  As the contest is on for a full month (the final results are at the end of June), we have to continue voting for the song for it to maintain its high rank.  A few days ago, the song went down to 3rd place but I’m confident that it will make it to the quarter finals next week.
The contest is great because it requires you to vote for other artists as well by listening to their songs before you can vote on ours so it’s fair and unbiased that way, and it’s a lot of fun! It’s also a great way to hear some new music. That means you can’t just vote for me, you have to listen to other artists until my song comes up.  So you have to listen to the two songs they provide for you and choose your favorites before they give you a new pair to judge. You only have to listen to the first 15 seconds before you judge which song you like and then a new pair of songs is presented. Please keep voting so that ‘Edge of Forever’ continues to have high ratings. Here is the link to judge. For more info on how it works, click here.
So in summary, you first click on this link to register, and click here to judge in World category. Thanks for all your support!  Happy voting!



    Jarome June 13, 2011Reply

    Congratulations Elika!
    Many of your listeners ask how they can help spread the word about your music, this is a great way, and the reason the song is on Ourstage.
    There’s a new way to make voting easier now, when you login, and go to Elika’s profile, there is a button, “Is this your favorite artist?”
    By declaring Elika to be your favorite artist, you guarantee that she will come up during judging at least once per day in the first twenty battles that you judge in any contest Elika is entered in.

    jaleh June 15, 2011Reply

    Congratulations love El! Trying to see how to vote!

    jaleh June 15, 2011Reply

    how can we share on facebook so my friends will know?

    Elika June 17, 2011Reply

    Hi mum love,
    Press ‘share’ on the link on my facebook profile to share the it with others. Thanks dear one.

    Nathan lutome June 20, 2011Reply

    Thanks Elika its inspiring……..

    Elika June 22, 2011Reply

    Thanks Nathan. Final voting is in 2 days. That’s when we need your votes everyone! Thanks again for your support.

    Paul D Reynolds June 26, 2011Reply

    Have been voting now – hearing some wonderful fresh work and some awful stuff.
    After twenty A v B comparision votes I am breaking for breakfast. Will listen until I get to vot for you !!!
    Lots of Love from Vancovuer

    Anonymous June 27, 2011Reply

    Elika joon,
    Your song is n’t there, I’ll try again.

    Haftom Girmay July 1, 2011Reply

    I love forever Elika’s song for it gives a riviving spirit.

    NAHID FAKHRI July 1, 2011Reply

    I love forever song. Congratulation Elika jan. All my customer love this song, actually every body like your voice and music

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