A World in Turmoil

Reading the news these days can be very depressing.  It seems that every corner of the globe is being battered by economic problems, environmental problems, social problems…  And even all the experts and leaders, who used to talk with such conviction, all throw up their hands and say they don’t know what to do!

But as a Baha’i I believe this is part of the process of the birth of a new kind of world, one global in scope and fundamentally spiritual in nature.  These tests and this suffering is necessary so that we begin to think less about ourselves and more about others, and less about the material and more about the spiritual.

Baha’u’llah says that the “world is in travail”, but also tells us that out of the process a new world will be born.  The process won’t be easy, but I believe this is the time that we must begin to look at the world with new eyes, with the eyes of faith, and work for this goal.  It is also a time when we can look within ourselves to see how we can create positive change.

For my part I wanted to share a gift of a song, Should Prosperity Befall Thee, which seems particularly appropriate for this time (the guitar is performed by Jason Cohen and produced by Jarome Matthew).  The words come from the Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah and say “Should prosperity befall thee, rejoice not, and should abasement come upon thee, grieve not, for both shall pass away and be no more.

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Please feel free to share the link with your friends.  I hope you enjoy it.
Should prosperity befall Thee


    Alexander M Zoltai October 28, 2008Reply

    I featured your song, “Should Prosperity Befall You”, on my blog post today…
    ~ Alex from Our Evolution

    Jarome October 28, 2008Reply

    This is great that you have offered this song considering the financial situation in the world today!
    The first time I heard this Hidden Word was coincidentally producing a version by the guitarist for your song, Jason Cohen. At the time, I was experiencing a lot of financial strain, and when nothing seemed to help, this quote not only put me at ease, but explained a lot about life and our focus. Since I first heard the quote as a catchy melody, it allowed me to easily memorize it and continued to assist me when I needed a reminder that life’s rough points are always temporary, even if they persist until death, because they will certainly end in the hereafter.
    I have since shared this quote and your song with others going through difficulties and found it has truly been a healing balm.

    Elika October 28, 2008Reply

    Thank you Alex for featuring the song on your blog post. I read your post and really enjoyed your personal interpretation of the beautiful lyrics. Many thanks for sharing it with others.
    Dear Jarome, thanks for all your great ideas and your endless support in helping me share what I love to do with others. I enjoyed reading your personal experience about the quotation and am overjoyed to know that the song has helped others too.

    Soraya Tohidi October 29, 2008Reply

    Dear Elika,
    “Multitudes hunger for the Bread of life”, prayers and spiritual quotations are the “Bread of life” . Thank you for sharing such a precious gift. Specially now at a time when “the world’ equilibrium has been upset”, it is looking for answers and solutions to the problems facing the world and all its people. The world is starving for spiritual food and needs ” the sweet savors of the spirit”.
    The Ocean is there, but you have taken the time to put beautiful music to a drop from that Ocean, and you have shared that drop with everyone.
    Thank you

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  • Sarmad October 29, 2008Reply

    Thank you for your gift, dearest Elika. 🙂

    Felisha October 29, 2008Reply

    I love this song! The words are so uplifting and they put everything in perspective. Thank you!

    Farzam November 1, 2008Reply

    Thanks so much for this beautiful, wonderful song Elly – it is so timely!
    And thanks so much for the contribution of your melodies – the world is a more beautiful place for it…

    Elika November 5, 2008Reply

    Thank you Sorayajoon for sharing your beautiful and eloquent insights and merci beaucoup for your love and support always!
    Most welcome dear Sarmad. Congrats on your sweet little Tessa!
    Thanks Felisha. So looking forward to having you visit us in China. 🙂
    Zam love – thanks for your encouragement sweetie. Miss you! Thanks for spreading the word about the music.

    Jeanne Farr November 13, 2008Reply

    Dear Elika,
    This is so lovely. Would it be ok if I share this with Friends at http://www.bahaigroups.org/ – with attribution of course. This is too precious to keep.

    Elika November 13, 2008Reply

    Dear Jeanne, You’re most welcome to share it with your friends.

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