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My next project that I have been waiting to share with you (and have worked on in tandem with the love and marriage project) is a Chinese CD!  Many of my friends have often asked me when I would do one as there is such a need for inspirational Chinese material.  I am excited that it is beginning to come together and Jarome will be coming to assist with the recording and production of the CD in November!
We will be using several of the ‘Fire and Gold‘ songs and translating them into Chinese.  So far, it has worked out quite smoothly and we’re still in the process of making final adjustments to make sure the words flow well with the music. We will also have a couple of Chinese instrumental pieces which will be accompanied by some recited quotations.  And then there will be a few other pieces – some that you may recognize and others that are new.  We have some incredibly talented musicians participating on this project and I’m thrilled to mention that Phil Morrison and Keith Williams will be contributing their talent to the CD as well.  I will share more about the performers in another blog.
I made the decision not to sing the primary vocals on this CD as I felt that the singer should be a Chinese vocalist so as not to distract the audience with any accent whatsoever.  However, I will try and get away with some background vocals in Chinese as I would love to participate. Looking forward to sharing more with you as the project progresses.


    Naree October 23, 2008Reply

    hip hip HOORAY! i’m so glad to hear that you continue to serve with your beautiful voice and music talents! everyone will truly appreciate your contribution to the inspirational chinese music scene!! i know i AM! sending you lots of love!!

    Jarome October 24, 2008Reply

    Very excited to help out with this! The music sounds great already.
    Your so humble Elika ‘would love to participate’ Funny! You are doing pretty much everything but the singing for this CD! Thank God there are dedicated and motivated souls like you to make these things happen properly and professionally.

    Anonymous October 24, 2008Reply

    How absolutely wonderful Elly!! This is so so exciting. What fun, what service, what great and amazing things will come about because of this…

    Phil Morrison October 25, 2008Reply

    Elika…Keith and I are honored to be asked to participate in your project. Since
    we arrived in Beijing, you have gone out of your way to support us by introducing
    us to friends in this community, inviting us to your home and allowing us to be a
    part of your China CD project……thanks for your wonderful talent as a singer,
    pianist & writer and your beautiful spirit! phil

    Your lil sis October 26, 2008Reply

    This is wonderful news, Elly! Can’t wait to hear it! When is the marriage CD going to be ready?

    Anonymous October 27, 2008Reply

    Wow ! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.I often use pieces of Fire and Gold CD in my devotions but have to get my friends to read the quotations first in order to make sure they will understand it once played.I’m looking forward to the Chinese version and I’m sure the friends will love it.Thanks!

    Elika October 28, 2008Reply

    Thanks dear Naree for your encouragement and enthusiasm for the CD. I’m so excited too!
    Dear Jarome, I’m thrilled that you’re producing this project and so look forward to having you and Felisha come to China! Thank you for your dedication and the sacrifices that you are making to make this project happen.
    Dear Phil, thank you for your kind and touching words. Meeting you and Keith has been such a gift and I’m ecstatic that you will be recording on the CD and look forward to many more opportunities to work together.
    Leil love, the marriage CD should be ready within the next few months. I will definitely keep you posted.

    Sherri October 28, 2008Reply

    Fabulous and unique idea! Will look forward to it.

    Yumei Clark-Xu October 29, 2008Reply

    Dear Elika,
    What excited news! You must have read my mind! When will it be out? Can’t wait! Now I will have a fabulous gift for my family and friends who do not understand English!
    Is there a possibility that you can make a CD for children (English or Chinese) next?
    Much love,

    Yumei Clark-Xu October 29, 2008Reply

    Oops – What exciting news!

    Javad October 31, 2008Reply

    Thank you for doing this Elika!! You are really fulfilling a need with this project!

    Elika October 31, 2008Reply

    Thanks for your encouragement Sherrijoon.
    Dear Mei, thanks for your support always. Not sure yet when the project will be done but will definitely keep you updated. Now with all our projects, we’re trying to make sure they don’t take too long to complete. I like your idea of a children’s CD.
    Thanks Javad for your appreciation. Yes it’s about time we recorded a Chinese CD!

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