The Purpose of Tests

I have been pondering on the subject of tests and difficulties lately and wanted to share some thoughts with you.
In this life, anything that gives us an opportunity to detach is a gift because the purpose of life is to advance on the path of detachment. The more detached we are, the closer we are to God and the more attached we are to anything other than God, the farther we are away from Him. What is important is how we react to life’s events and particularly to difficulties that we face. Tests don’t come to us by chance. “They are sent to us… for our own perfecting” writes Abdu’l-Baha. The significance of our lives is not found in the events of the physical world, but rather in how we use the challenges and opportunities that life presents for our spiritual development.  And once we are given a test, if we keep failing, it returns once again with greater force until we pass it!
Personally I find that when I have challenges, I take refuge in my music – either playing the piano, composing or singing. It takes me to another realm and brings me such calm and fulfillment and allows my spirit to soar. And interestingly, those are the times that I create some of the best melodies.  It’s like traveling to a different world where I’m surrounded only with music – it definitely uplifts my soul and brings me more clarity and perspective on life.  I know everyone handles their challenges differently. I would love to know what methods you use and what uplifts you when you have difficulties.
Quote of the Day:  “We should not, however, forget that an essential characteristic of this world is hardship and tribulation and that it is by overcoming them that we achieve our moral and spiritual development…sorrow is like furrows, the deeper they go, the more plentiful is the fruit we obtain.” – Shoghi Effendi
“We must always look ahead and seek to accomplish in the future what we may have failed to do in the past.  Failures, tests, and trials, if we use them correctly, can become the means of purifying our spirits, strengthening our characters, and enable us to rise to greater heights of service.” – Shoghi Effendi