Prayer requests for the Long Healing Prayer

Prayer requests for the Long Healing Prayer

Recently a dear relative reached out to me and shared that they were experiencing severe challenges.  I felt extremely concerned for their physical welfare and wondered what I could do to help.   In my heart I knew, besides giving them words of solace, that the best action I could take was to recite healing prayers.

So I asked all my other relatives to join me in saying the long healing prayer for the next 9 days for this dear soul.  The next morning, as I was checking social media, I was surprised by how many dear friends were asking to include prayers for healing for relatives or friends in dire need.  Honestly I felt saddened by all the suffering and loss everywhere and wanted to be able to do something.  So I decided to post on social media that I would be saying the long healing prayer for any friends who need it.

Messages poured in with names of friends suffering from different ailments and who needed prayers.  I filled in my first sheet of names on my prayer list, then a second and now a third sheet.

That day we had an inspiring discussion with our daughter about the power of prayer and how helpful it is to make lists of people for whom we want to pray.  That phone call inspired me to ask my friends on social media to join me in saying the long healing prayer for the next 9 days.  I was so thrilled to see how many friends indicated that they would also be reciting the long healing prayer.

Of course 9 days is short but I hope this will help create a habit of creating a daily prayer list to pray for others daily.

I have created a graphic for a daily prayer list on my Etsy organizing shop.  You can find it here.

Prayer list - Elika Mahony

As many friends have shared that the long healing prayer set to music has helped them reduce anxiety, or help them sleep, I am sharing it below so friends can enjoy listening to the complete prayer recorded and sung.

If you have friends that you would like to add to my list for healing or if you would like to join me in the next 9 days reciting the long healing prayer, please let me know in the comments below.

To download the long healing prayer, click here.


    Lew shan January 22, 2021Reply

    Hi Erika, I would like to join in saying long healing prayers

      Elika January 22, 2021Reply

      Thank you so much for joining in the prayer campaign Lew. I so appreciate it.

    Roger Hamrick January 27, 2021Reply

    Thank you for your e-mail sharing the studio experience. Please add my family to the prayer lists for healing.

      Elika February 1, 2021Reply

      Will do Roger. Keeping you all in my prayers.

    Louise Profeit-LeBlanc January 27, 2021Reply

    Thank you so much for this long healing prayer.. Please put my grandson, Alexander on your precious list for the prayer. I too will join you on a daily basis for the healing of all the peoples of the world. Big love from our home to yours dear Elika.

      Elika February 1, 2021Reply

      Thank you for joining in dear Louise. We just finished our 9th day and are thinking of continuing as there is such a need for healing prayers.

    Marian Blair February 1, 2021Reply

    Deat Elika,

    Thank you for this. Please add my name as well.


      Elika February 10, 2021Reply

      Will do dear Marian.

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