Music Milestones and resources in 2020

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  • Music Milestones and resources in 2020

    I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and all your loved ones a joyous and healthy 2021.

    Global Singalong reminder

    I’m very excited about the global singalong video submissions that I have received so far from friends of all ages and from all the different corners of the world.  If you haven’t yet sent in a video and would like to do so, we have a couple more days.  So please submit your videos by January 6! Here is the video with instructions. 

    Please send your videos to before January 6 via

    Sharing Reflections and music resources from the last year

    Below I share some new music and video resources created in 2020 that are available on my website. I provide them as a resource to you and hope that they bring upliftment to individuals and communities around the world.

    I have been reflecting these past few days on the events, challenges, joys and sorrows of 2020.  I remember earlier in the year, I felt a sense of urgency and responsibility as an artist to bring solace to souls.  Music has a power to heal and uplift, and I wanted to help bring joy to hearts during the very difficult times that many were facing.

    Early in 2020 I strongly felt the need to set The Long Healing Prayer to music. At that time a youth in our community – a very close friend of my daughter – had been diagnosed with cancer. In addition, my sister was told that her dear one year old son needed open heart surgery.

    So I set the Long Healing Prayer to music and created a video dedicated to these two dear ones. Little did I know at the time how many other people would soon have the need for this powerful prayer, once the pandemic began to sweep over the world. I was deeply moved by the sense of divine confirmation to be able to release it during such a critical time. Click here to listen to the Long Healing Prayer.

    Later in the year, as the pandemic was in its first wave, I decided to compile a number of songs on the theme of solace and upliftment from all my albums released over the course of the last 20 years. This album, ‘Songs of Solace’, includes The Long Healing Prayer, the prayer for natural disasters, prayers for protection and assistance, and prayers to be recited during times of difficulty.

    My aim in releasing it was to enable friends to share it with others going through difficult times. We all need words of comfort and these songs were specially chosen to bring solace, protection and healing.

    Now as 2020 has concluded and 2021 dawns upon us, I am excited to be working on an album in honor of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá to be released at the end of 2021 for the centennial of the Day of the Covenant.  One of the songs is ‘Loving Kindness’ – a piece for the global singalong!  Join Elika’s music mailing list to be informed of how the album progresses.

    A Radiant Heart Video – with the support of my Patrons, I was able to hire a talented videographer who produced a stunning video with shots of the Holy Land to accompany my song “A Radiant Heart”.  The video was designed to take the viewer on a journey through a number of the Baha’i Holy Places and to give the viewer a sense of being present in those beautiful and tranquil surroundings.  I felt it was especially important to release this video during the time of the pandemic because no one could visit the Baha’i World Centre and as such it was not possible to experience in person the beauty and spirit of those sacred places associated with Bahá’u’lláh and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá.

    Ridvan songs in 13 languages – this year we added two more languages to the Ridvan song – Mongolian and Russian in addition to the 11 languages already recorded (I’m so grateful to all the singers around the globe for the vocals).  All the languages can be downloaded separately as gifts to be used during Ridvan in your community.

    Make Haste to Love – I had the pleasure of recording on a duet for a song by my talented friend Sonbol Taefi.  The piece is titled ‘Make Haste to Love’ from her devotional album ‘Coral and Pearls’.  You can listen to the song on Spotify.  

    In addition to ‘A Radiant Heart’, several other videos were released this year.  Among my favorites are: ‘A Hundred Thousand Hopes, ‘Prayer for the Departed’ and ‘Remember Not Your Own Limitations’.  You can find them all on my Youtube channel.  Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. 

    Patreon Page – I started my own Patreon page to enable friends to support my music albums and video projects, and with the support of my Patrons I have been able to record several new pieces this year – the latest is a choral piece titled ‘The Flame’.  Thanks to my Patrons, I am able to start funding the upcoming album in honor of Abdu’l-Baha.

    Please visit to learn more about how to become a Patron.

    New Shop – I opened an online shop on my website with new prayer beads and beaded bookmarks and other meaningful gifts.  Use ‘VIP10’ for 10% off any item in the shop.

    In the coming months I look forward to sharing more info about my upcoming album in honor of Abdu’l-Bahá to celebrate His life.  I’m thrilled that you can be a part of one of the songs on the album, ‘Loving Kindness’.

    Do reply and let me know how you are.  What is one word you hope to describe your year in 2021?

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    Music Milestones and resources in 2020

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