Baha’i Marriage Prayer Video

Baha’i Marriage Prayer Video

Happy New Year!

In a few hours my husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and this month marks the 10 year anniversary of ‘Birds of Love’ – my album on the theme of love and marriage!  

To celebrate, I am excited to share with you a new video for the song ‘Birds of Love’.

>>> Watch Birds of Love Video <<<

Last month when I asked for wedding photos, I was overjoyed with the incredible response.  I was especially touched to see how many photographs came in from couples who have been married for over 40 years.  One couple approaching their 60th anniversary sent in a photo of their wedding too!!

Thanks to the many couples around the world who sent in photos (see their names below)!  I so enjoyed putting together this collage of beautiful and diverse wedding photos.

P.S. Next week I look forward to sharing a ‘Birds of Love’ special on the shop with a few new items specially designed to go with ‘Birds of Love’. Stay tuned…


Elika and Tarry Mahony

Marriage Collage

Thank you to the following couples for allowing use of their beautiful wedding photos in the video:

The Abrari-Venouss family
Shirin Ahlhauser and Gabriel Plata
The Behroozi family
Era Mae and Trosten Balaba
Paul & Amy Blois
Ron Perry and Juanita Bongartz
Furutan and Christin Celebi
Maria Duringer Jacques de Lima and Alexandre Celestino Cabon
Susan and Hushang Chahid-Garmroud
Naree and Alby Chan
Geoff and Bebeth Cohen
Jared and Kedi Davidson
The Alexis family
Goleta and Andrew Dawia
Josian and Sylvana Dholah
Ashley and Nabil Djoumbaye
Carol and Toney Driver
Claire and Farzam Ehsani
Jaleh and Mehraz Ehsani
Violet Eng and Kee Liang
Becky and James Fairley
Nahid and Aziz Fakhri
The Faris family
Lydia and Nima Fazilat
Charmaine and Julio Fuentes
Nicole and Fritz Fulton
The Gannaway family
Brandon and Menmeng Shu Guzman
Aly and Hannah Hampson
Marilyn and Michael Higgins
Julie and Mehraban Iraninejad
Martin and Tara Kerr
The Kiani family
Farzad Lee and Wei-I Chen
Marc and Farnoosh Lee
Tarry and Elika Mahony
Jarome and Iris Matthew
Sholeh and Shea Munion
The Mitchell family
Vahid and Shabnam Mockon
Rabbaniyyih and Bayan Nabilzadeh
Wainaina and Teresia Ngugi
Lua and Nico Oliva
The Peri family
Sepideh & Henrik Petäistö
Everett and Jennifer Phillips
The Pinto family
Afsoon and Thomas Ponniah
Gary and Svitlana Reusche
Ivan and Karen Rosel
Ferdinand and Ilona Rogge
Ray and Barbara Rudolph
Natasha and Anis Sabet
Sarmad and Varya Sanina- Garmroud
Pearl and Curtis Schuyler
Amanda and Milan Sevak
Aashi and Ramin Shojaie
Judith Partelow and Thom Slayter
The Saadatyar family
Eva and Nozomu Sonda
The Stott family
Lia & Roy Tahmasebian
Leila and Nakhjavan Tanyi
Helena and Michael Vasco
Sylvia and Darrell Vice
Wilhelm and Generose
Layli and Naveen Young
Vida and Payam Yousefian
Sophia Zhong and Eric Zhou

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