Bahá’í Temple Video for Ridvan

Rejoice with Exceeding Gladness – a gift song for Ridvan

A few years ago I released a song titled, ‘Rejoice with Exceeding Gladness’ – in honor of the Festival of Ridvan. I found a beautiful quotation revealed by Bahá’u’lláh for Ridvan and asked six friends around the world to sing it in six different languages representing all continents (except Antartica!).  Each verse is followed by the chorus of ‘Allah’u’Abha’ where everyone can join in.
I have just completed making a video for the full song using beautiful photographs of Bahá’í iTemples from around the world. (See above)

Last year I had the pleasure of making a slideshow with photos of the Ridvan garden to accompany all 11 languages for communities around the world to enjoy (see below).

For all resources for Ridvan check out another blog where I have collated all the songs, chords, lyrics and videos in one page. 

The songs are gifts for you

The song is a gift to you (please feel free to share it).  Even though the link says ‘Buy Now’ on the website you can download it as a gift (just enter 0 in the amount). As there were production costs, there is an option for donation.  Just enter whatever amount you wish.  Here is the link to download the song in different languages. There are also instrumental versions of each language available so that communities can sing with the backtrack.
I would like to thank all the friends who were a part of this project and who graciously recorded their voices so that these songs could be shared and downloaded as gifts for you!   The video links in each language are all below. 
There are now individual tracks available of the Ridvan song (shortened versions) in each language.  Click here for more info and to download the individual songs & instrumental version.

Language videos with photos of the Ridvan garden

Below are the individual videos for each language for the Ridvan song. 

Ridvan song in English
Ridvan song in Arabic
Ridvan song in Japanese
Ridvan song in Swedish
Ridvan song in Portuguese
Ridvan song in Chinese
Ridvan song in French
Ridvan song in German
Ridvan song in Swahili
Ridvan song in Spanish
Ridvan song in Italian

Ridvan song in Mongolian
Ridvan song in Russian
Ridvan song in Hindi
Ridvan song in Thai
Ridvan song in Ukrainian

🎬 Here is the Youtube playlist of all the languages videos

Rejoice with exceeding gladness

A Special Thanks

A special thanks Larry Magee who played the guitars and to Jarome Matthew for editing all the languages and making sure they were mixed and mastered professionally.  I’m also extremely grateful to Adeeb Afshar for sharing several of his beautiful photos from the Ridvan garden and also Shira Trick for her lovely video of the fountain.  If you listen closely at the end, you can hear a slight trickle of the water flowing from the fountain.

Lyrics for the Ridvan song

Below are the lyrics in 6 languages:

1. English Rejoice with exceeding gladness, O people of Bahá, as ye call to remembrance the Day of supreme felicity…

2. Swahili Furahini kwa furaha kubwa mno, enyi watu wa Baha, mnapozikumbuka Siku ya Shangwe kuu kabisa

3. German Frohlocke in höchster Freude, o Volk Bahás, wenn du dich des Tages höchsten Glücks erinnerst

4. Chinese 巴哈的子民啊!当你们回忆起那最为幸福的日子时,尽情欢乐吧! Ba ha de zi min a! Dang nimen huiyi qi na zui wei xingfu de rizi shi, jin qing huan le ba!

5. Spanish Regocijaos con extrema alegría, oh pueblo de Bahá, cuando recordéis el Día de la felicidad suprema

6. French Réjouissez-vous, ô peuple de Bahá, d’une joie sans pareille, en évoquant ce jour de suprême félicité

Chorus: Allah’u’Abha Quotation from the Writings of Baha’u’llah


    Kimberly Gila April 11, 2018Reply

    Beautiful elika

      Elika April 13, 2018Reply

      Thank you dear Kimberly. 🙂

    Sally Qazi April 13, 2018Reply

    Thank you dear Elika. Congratulations fir a beautiful song. Love fro Tanzanua

      Elika April 13, 2018Reply

      Thank you Sally. So glad you are enjoying it.

    Francisco Ruiz - DoM July 11, 2020Reply

    Hi Elika, It is a joy to be able to contact you about one of your videos we, at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach would like to play for a service based on Baha’i spiritual practices. Would it be ok for us to use that song for one of our musical moments? – Rejoice: A Song for Ridvan. It is absolutely beautiful, and it would truly enhance our worship experience.

    We thank you,

      Elika July 12, 2020Reply

      Thank you for contacting me Francisco. It would be an honor and a pleasure for my music to be used at your church.

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