A fast inspiration

The Bahá’í fast has begun and it is one of the most inspiring times of the year for me. Yesterday I made a Facebook live video sharing some thoughts on the fast (see below) and what inspired my album ‘Meditations for the Fast’.
I talked about the following:

  • the secret ingredient to the fast and why I treasure it so much
  • what inspired the album ‘Meditations for the Fast’ and each song on it
  • how we prepared our son for his first fast
  • the process of composing the music for the fasting prayer (together with my son)
  • my favorite quotations for the fast
  • what a typical day looks like during this special time
  • the prayer we recite together as a family every morning and why I set part of it to music
  • my wish for you… 🙂

>>>Here’s the link to watch the Facebook live video<<<
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If you are fasting, let me know how it’s going and what inspires you during this time.
I also wanted to share the good news that ‘Meditations for the Fast’ CD is on Spotify!
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Fasting photo - Elika Mahony

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