Anniversary Song for my Hubby!

Recently my hubby and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary!  I wanted to give him a special gift this year so I composed a song in his honor called, ‘On the Wings of an Eagle’.
The first three verses were written by a talented poetess, Jo’Lene Tover, whom I managed to track down on the internet. I was delighted when she kindly gave me permission to post the song on my blog.  The first two sentences of the 4th verse of the song is taken from a Baha’i marriage prayer written by Abdu’l-Baha and I wrote the last 2 sentences to rhyme with the first two (please see the lyrics below).
I waited a whole month to surprise my husband with his song and it took everything in me not to share it with him before our anniversary!  Good thing I didn’t as it was worth the wait to make our anniversary special.  My hubby was definitely surprised and loved the song.
The funky guitar is played by my son (I’m so glad he agreed to play on the piece as it added an upbeat and joyous element). I’m trying to decide whether I should develop the song further as this is just a rough version. So have a listen to the song below and let me know what you think.

On the wings of an eagle
My love for you flies
Soaring higher and higher,
And touching the skies
I reached up above,
And pulled a star from the sky.
To place it within,
Your precious minds eye
To dwell there forever,
As my love for you.
On the wings of our love,
Enduring and true.
These two bright moons
Are wedded in Thy love
Bonded forever
In all the worlds above
Elika and Tarry wedding


    Mincka January 19, 2014Reply

    Thanks for sharing. What a great gift this is

    bret breneman January 20, 2014Reply

    A wonderful anniversary present!

    Jaleh January 21, 2014Reply

    It is truly beautiful El! Guitar is wonderful too. Tell T how I enjoyed his guitar – very professional!

    Glenn January 21, 2014Reply

    Wonderful! What a lovely photo. Congratulations to you both! And may you have many, many more years of love and happiness together. Great photo, beautiful song. You are both an inspiration. Congratulations! (Even though it’s after your anniversary.)

    Elika January 29, 2014Reply

    Thank you all! We had a wonderful celebration of our anniversary and look forward to many more.

    Sarmad Garmroud February 2, 2014Reply

    I finally got to listen to the song, and it’s incredible! Love the photo and the guitar playing is superb! Happy anniversary (belated) and may your dear family be blessed. We love you all! 🙂

    Sarmad Garmroud February 2, 2014Reply

    Quick comment on the song: you mentioned trying to decide whether to develop it further. I think it’s awesome the way it is. However, if I were to work on it on my keyboard, for example, I would add some very light percussion on the second verse, build it up with soft pads or warm strings on the third verse, and then wind down to light percussion and back to guitar on the fourth. 🙂
    Either version is awesome, though. 🙂
    Super hugs again! 🙂

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