Infinite Bounty release date: November 14th!

I am absolutely thrilled to let you know that my upcoming album, ‘Infinite Bounty’, will be released on November 14th! I have been working on this album for almost 2 years and am beyond excited to be able to share it with you in about a week.
As you may know, I am making this album into a hard cover booklet adorned with stunning, ocean-themed photographs, some of which have been submitted by friends on my mailing list. The CD will be housed inside the back cover of the book. I wanted the book to be able to be used often in devotionals, at Feast and for personal readings rather than collecting dust on a bookshelf as CD cases usually do.
So far, I have been informed by the manufacturer that the book/CD will be ready by November 21 (if all goes smoothly). I will make the digital downloads available on November 14th and at the same time orders can be placed for the book/CD. Once the book/CDs are ready, I will ship them to you. If you place a book order, the digital download will be available immediately, and the book/CD will be shipped as soon as it is in my hands.
Counting the days to be able to share the music with you!

The master disc for 'Infinite Bounty' just before sending it out for duplication.

The master disc for ‘Infinite Bounty’ just before sending it out for duplication.


    Name November 7, 2014Reply

    What Great News!!! Congratulations Galore!!! Sooooo happy, can’t wait!!!

    Jaleh November 8, 2014Reply

    Soooo exciting!! We have been waiting eagerly patiently for this day!!

    Sarmad November 8, 2014Reply

    Fantastic news! 🙂

    dheia November 8, 2014Reply

    I am so glad to here this congratulation my friend

    Shohreh November 11, 2014Reply


    Elika November 26, 2014Reply

    Thank you all for your loving support!

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