Music Inspirations during the Fast

Meditations for the Fast cover

I am enjoying this period of prayer and fasting as it has been nourishing to be able to reflect, create and spiritually rejuvenate. I would like to share a most recent rough recording that I made with my daughter (my son played the guitar) a couple of nights ago of the prayer ‘Blessed is the Spot’.

We so enjoy singing together and performing together when we have the opportunity.

Below are a few more compositions I made during the Fast:

Be Thou a Summoner of Love – Reflection

Bend Me into Conformity – Reflection

Create in Me a Pure Heart – Reflection

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    bret breneman March 11, 2014Reply

    “Blessed is the spot” has me close to tears this morning, maybe partly from the family harmony coming through. A lovely version!

    Elika March 11, 2014Reply

    Thank you for your generosity in every way Bret. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed our rendition of ‘Blessed is the Spot’. I am always beyond elated when I have the opportunity to record with my children.

    Love Hold Thou My Hand! It is beautiful! March 11, 2014Reply


    Shiva March 11, 2014Reply

    Blessed is the Spot is so beautiful!! You all sound so great. It is wonderful to hear Amelia’s voice and Taraz’s guitar and picture all of you together recording this song. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Vered March 11, 2014Reply

    Love it! you three did a great job together. Kiara was very impressed, as was I.

    Mikki March 11, 2014Reply

    I always get excited when receiving an e-mail from you because I know that inside will be a beautiful gift of inspiration. Thank you so much for all of these lovely selections.

    Marshall March 11, 2014Reply

    Oh my, what beautiful music. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. I didn’t thin till afterwards that I should have asked you first but didn’t think till afterwards. I hope you don’t mind but, I have a Tuesday evening devotional meeting and I used several of song, Blessed is the Spot, Be Thou a Summoner to Love, Fasting Prayer, No Refuge Save Thee, Make Thy Beauty to be my Food, & Hold Thou My dand. They were so beautiful I wanted to share them. They will make a great CD

    Elika March 11, 2014Reply

    Thank you all so much for your kindness. Mikki – thank you for your appreciation of my emails!
    Marshall – I am happy that you shared the pieces at your devotional. That’s what they’re for – for sharing.
    Shivajoon – thank you for your continued support and encouragement. So glad you enjoyed the prayer.

    Jaleh March 13, 2014Reply

    Absolutely Beautiful my love Elly love! Dad and I listened together eagerly, meditatively in the hours of dawn today. The melodies are exquisite, the piano divine, Arzhia’s voice angelic and yours heavenly! Hold Thou my hand brought tears… Thank you love for your superb creation. Praised be to God!

    Jaleh March 13, 2014Reply

    Amelia and Taraz’ contribution was charming and Beautifully done! well done my loves for making us so happy through your music!

    Name March 15, 2014Reply

    A very belated thank you to you Elika for these beautiful compositions; all are really beautiful, what wonderful gifts you have giving us all for these special days of the Fast! And most of all we are thankful to your dear son and daughter for that celestial contribution to Blessed is the Spot. As usual you made your mark with your beautiful voice and beautiful music that touch the hearts. Thank you!

    Elika March 15, 2014Reply

    Thank you so much Mum love!

    Addis March 15, 2014Reply

    Dear Elika, Thank you very much for such beautiful meditations and music for these special days of the Fast. The song “Blessed is the Spot” with the contribution of your son and daughter is the winner. Very nice! As usual you made your mark with you beautiful voice and music, indeed a wonderful gift. Thanks again to you and your children. Happy last days of the Fast and best wishes for a wonderful Naw Ruz to come.
    (sorry for my previous empty message, I did wrote a message before and I lost it. I hope this go through ok)

    Nancy Oloro Robarts March 16, 2014Reply

    Thank you very much dear Elika for sharing this precious gift at such a special time of year. God bless you 🙂

    Elika March 16, 2014Reply

    Thank you dear Addis. Always lovely to hear from you and thank you for your loving words of encouragement.

    Elika March 18, 2014Reply

    Most welcome dear Nancy. Hoping that you are doing well and enjoying the fast.

    Jaleh July 30, 2014Reply

    Listening to these beautiful music words voices so very often and loving it. Thank you my love. Missing you so…

    Carol Campbell March 13, 2015Reply

    “Hold Thou My Hand” has me in tears. Is that the translation of “Dastam Begir”?

    Vahid Oloro March 13, 2015Reply

    So capturing and takes one through a spiritual journey. Thanks so much Elika!

    Elika March 17, 2015Reply

    Yes dear Carol, ‘Hold Thou my hand’ is a translation of ‘Dastam Begir’ in Persian
    Thanks Vahid!

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