Edge of Forever Released!

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  • Edge of Forever, my 6th CD, is finally available for digital download!  This is the first album that reflects a wider range of my musical influences and includes original lyrics for many of the songs.  It is comprised of elements ranging from Latin, World, New Age, Pop, Middle Eastern and a little Rock.  I was blessed to collaborate with several musicians (Ali Youssefi on the song ‘Amame’, Eric Harper on ‘Edge of Forever’ and ‘Viva’ among others) and wrote some of the songs with my producer on the project, Jarome Matthew.
    A few years ago, Jarome encouraged me to explore new styles of music, and through this project I was able to experiment more with what my voice could do as well as discover new styles and sounds that I love.  It was exciting as well as challenging to show a more vulnerable and emotional side of my voice.  I recall moments in the studio, almost in tears trying to express the feelings and meaning in the song through my vocals.  I am grateful for this project as it taught me to push my boundaries and it allowed me more freedom in adding diverse instrumentation and percussion that was not always present in my previous albums.
    Writing the songs for Edge of Forever was also quite different from composing for my other albums in that it was mostly a collaborative process.  There was joy in the creativity of song writing, yet it was also challenging to write inspiring lyrics that would suit the song and not sound too cheesy!  The lyrics can be taken literally, however it is my hope that they will resonate with you on a deeper level.   Our bond with our Creator lies at the heart of this album and the music depicts the soul’s desire to transcend the limits of the material world and to soar in the spiritual realm.
    Truthfully, all these changes made me quite nervous before releasing the album as I wasn’t sure what the response would be to the music (and whether it even represents me as an artist).  I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about the album! If you haven’t listened already click here to hear the full album of Edge of Forever.

    Lastly, but most importantly, I have dedicated the album to my children as well as to the young generations in all countries – that they may strive to promote the unity of the human race and become as candles through whom “the light of justice may shed its radiance upon the whole world.”




      Jarome June 18, 2013Reply

      Congratulations Elika!
      I’m so excited about this release as I feel it is not only your best work as an artist, showing your full potential, but is so wonderfully diverse, like the music you listen to.
      Of course I’m very biased, but I hope listeners will encourage you in this effort so you don’t feel so nervous about the music.
      Very proud of you and greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with such a talented and dedicated artist! Many thanks and blessings.

      Elika June 23, 2013Reply

      Thank you Jarome for encouraging me to explore further what my voice can do as well as trying out new styles of music. It was a fun project!

      Varya @ CWOV July 7, 2013Reply

      Congratulations, dear! Love it and plan on getting it very soon!!! Love the cover too

      Susan July 10, 2013Reply

      Such a rich and varied tapestry of music. Inspired and inspiring!

      Elika July 11, 2013Reply

      Thank you dear Varya for all your kind support. Hope you’re settled back at home.
      Many thanks Susan for your loving comments. Love to the family!

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