Song & Video by Taraz Mahony: 'An End To War'

About a month ago my son, Taraz, started writing a song for a personal project he was assigned to do for school.  In the 10th grade, all the students are required to create a product of their choice and write a paper about their research for their project. I was delighted that Taraz chose to write a song and make a video about ending war.  What is most extraordinary is that he only started playing the guitar 4 months ago and already plays so well that he puts his mother’s guitar skills to shame!  🙂
We encouraged Taraz to record the song in a professional studio to make sure the song was of a high quality.  I accompanied him to Jarome Matthew‘s gorgeous studio and videotaped his experience as I knew he would also need to use it for the video he had planned to create.  I cannot tell you how proud I was during the whole experience watching him sing, play the guitar and the piano!  Quite an accomplishment for a 15 year old!
Here is a link to the video on Youku for those of you who can’t see it on Youtube.
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An End To War
They say the world is a tiny place
A home for all the human race
But when I think about it now
The truth is hard to face
People dying left and right
And all I see is pain
People dying left and right
Only memories remain
People dying left and right
And I don’t see the point of this
People dying left and right
Is there something that I missed
It seems like we’ve been here before
It’s too late to pretend anymore
Our world is not a happy place
It’s time to put an end war
Why has it come to this
The world is falling into an abyss
People dying left and right
And all I see is pain
People dying left and right
And the tears fall like rain
People dying left and right
And I don’t see the point of this
People dying left and right
Is there something that I missed


    Jarome February 5, 2013Reply

    You have good reason to be proud, Taraz did a great job with minimal help from others including you which I think is good for his first professional song
    The video is really wonderful too, quite moving.
    So pleased to see your talents rubbing off

    Hamid Tohidi February 6, 2013Reply

    Great Taraz! Your song is truly touching and from the heart. I never knew that you were a serious musician and song writer. We look forward to seeing more inspiring work from you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful music with us. Naeem and Samiya were both amazed to see your work. Keep up the good work.

    Vered Ehsani February 6, 2013Reply

    Awesome! My nephew rocks! Can’t wait to share with Kiara and Jalal.

    Mehrdad Ehsani February 10, 2013Reply

    Way to go Taraz! A great song with meaning. Keep pursuing your gift … for s second I thought I was listening to U2!

    Adriana Yan February 12, 2013Reply

    I really liked it! Miss you all!

    Elika February 12, 2013Reply

    Thank you all for your encouraging and loving comments. I am a very proud Mom and look forward to seeing what Taraz ends up doing with his music.

    Hayede February 14, 2013Reply

    Dearest Taraz, your song is beautiful. Through your music and your words you share an important message. Thank you Elika jun. Hayede

    Nathan February 16, 2013Reply

    Really enjoyed the song, lyrics, music, & video! Very well done, what an amazing project!

    Elika February 16, 2013Reply

    Thank you Hayede and Nathan! I will share your messages with Taraz.

    Jaleh March 4, 2013Reply

    Awesome, Fantastic, Incredible, Very well done, Beautifully presented and so touching!
    So proud of you my Taraz

    Varya @ littleartists March 12, 2013Reply

    Dear Elika and Taraz, I shared this post on Sulia. You are welcome to check it out:

    Soraya Tohidi April 16, 2013Reply

    WAOW, when is the next song Taraz?? I know as an artist we only see the imperfection in our work, and the praise we get is an encouragement to continue, I hope you believe in the change you can bring and that you do not stop sharing your gift. The only true work of art that is perfect is the ones that God creates, but we artist are blessed to be able to be instruments, and yes, we are not perfect but there is beauty in that too, so trust that your work is unique and beautiful and thank you for having the courageous to share this with the world.
    Love Soraya

    Elika April 20, 2013Reply

    Thanks for sharing the post Varya.
    Sorayajoon – thank you for your encouraging words for Taraz. I will share them with him. I love what you wrote about us being instruments of creativity. How blessed we are to be artists!

    jaleh June 27, 2014Reply

    Listening again to this powerful piece composed almost 2 years ago! it still gives me chills…what a gift you have my Razzy! Thank you Elly and Tarry for giving life to such a blessed soul.

    Elika June 27, 2014Reply

    Thank you Jalehjoon! So glad he is still continuing with his love of music and performing with his band.

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