Glimmerings Cover Photo!

Glimmerings, my piano instrumental CD, is almost complete!  I checked the color proof for the cover today to make sure the hues of blue are correct and was happy with the result.  We are now waiting for a sample of the CD disc to make sure the colors are accurate and then the process of duplication and printing will finally begin. In about 2-3 weeks everything will be packaged together and then we’ll set a release date.
I’m thrilled to show you the cover below.  What’s most exciting about it is that it’s a photograph of a nebula from outer space so all the colors are natural and gorgeous (a nebula is a cloud of gas and dust in space)!  There are more photos inside the package from other angles of the same nebula which I can’t wait to share with you. The photos are stunning!
As the CD will be released and sold in China (as well as in the West) it will be bilingual and so we had to follow strict Chinese duplication standards for publication.  It took time to find a design that I was happy with that followed the correct standards of the publisher without cluttering the cover with too much information.  The writing on the cover will be in a lovely shiny, embossed silver (the photo doesn’t do it justice).  I especially love that there is a little glimmering dot just on the ‘i’ of Glimmerings!  The beauty of nature is quite breathtaking isn’t it?!


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