How Fast they grow!

I held a gorgeous 2 month old baby today while she was sleeping on my chest.  It was a moment of pure bliss and reminded me of how fast our precious children grow up.  I wrote about this a few months ago in another blog but wanted to share the quotation once again:
“While they are at your side, love these little ones to the uttermost.  Forget yourself.  Serve them; care for them; lavish all your tenderness on them.  Value your good fortune while it is with you, and let nothing of the sweetness of their babyhood go unprized.  Not for long will you keep the happiness that now lies within your reach.  You will not always walk in the sunshine with a little warm, soft hand nestling in each of yours, nor hear little feet pattering beside you, and eager baby voices questioning and prattling of a thousand things with ceaseless excitement.  Not always will you see that trusting face upturned to yours, feel those little arms about your neck, and those tender lips pressed upon your cheek, nor will you have that tiny form to kneel beside you, and murmur baby prayers into your ear.  Love them and win their love, and shower on them all the treasures of your heart.  Fill up their days with happiness, and share with them their mirth and innocent delights.  Childhood is but for a day.  Ere you are aware it will be gone with all its gifts forever.”
~ George Townshend

Added this photo in Aug 2013.


    Varya March 4, 2011Reply

    Isn’t it amazing? I met your children back in 2005. They were so little then, especially Amelia. What was her nickname? She was such a serious and thoughtful little girl! Miss you all and wish you a wonderful fasting month!

    fiona March 4, 2011Reply

    Elika joon- I love that quotation. So true. Can’t believe how time flies. It reminds me to treasure every day with the people I love. 🙂

    Zaynab March 4, 2011Reply

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder dear Elika! Love the quotation and love your beautiful family 😀

    Elika March 5, 2011Reply

    Hi Varyajoon, her nickname keeps changing. At that time it was ‘Milly’.
    Hi Fiona sweetie – can’t believe how fast Sarah has grown into a beautiful young lady 🙂
    Thanks Zaynabjoonie. Love your gorgeous family too!

    mehraz March 5, 2011Reply

    the pictures are beautiful elly i am enjoying your music so much

    jaleh March 5, 2011Reply

    Love El
    So happy to see these beautiful faces. thanks for posting them! Today we went to a chinese restaurant and had your music in my bag and as we were the only ones there the owner came over and we presented her the chinese songs which she LOVED and from now is going to play it for her customers.

    Zam March 10, 2011Reply

    Hi Love – Love the quote you shared by George Townshend – so beautiful… and love the pics of my precious ones… Thanks sweet one!

    Elika March 19, 2011Reply

    Thanks dad love! So glad you’re enjoying the music. Means so much to me that you do. 🙂
    Thanks mum for promoting me in Chinese restaurants too! You’re amazing.
    Miss you Zam!

    dlherrmann March 20, 2011Reply

    When my first child was born, I would sit and rock her to sleep. At first I would think, since she is asleep I should put her down and get some work done. Then I realized that when we had more children I would never have such uninterrupted time to hold them. So I sat and rocked her. It was more important than any “work” I could have accomplished.
    Now my children and grandchild live a distance away and I can’t see them as much as I’d like. I’ve never regretted a minute I spent with them when they were little.

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