Photoshop project with my son

Most recently Taraz and I completed a photoshop project that we started a few weeks ago.  Since he has been on holiday, he has been teaching me how to use photoshop by adding beautiful quotations to photos that I have taken of flowers from different trips we have been on.  We chose 10 quotations from the first Ruhi series book called ‘Igniting the Heart‘.   We designed them in English and Chinese and decided to get them printed in sets of 10.  Here are a few of my favorites:


    jaleh July 21, 2010Reply

    elly thank you my sweet one for this precious gift of love. I LOVE these cards!

    sigi guy July 24, 2010Reply

    I loved the idea !
    Kisses from Sigi

    jaleh July 26, 2010Reply

    These are absolutely gorgeous. Well done my Raz!

    Elika January 24, 2013Reply

    Thank you Jalehjoon and Sigi!

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