I don't believe in coincidences!

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  • I have an amazing story to share…
    We are on vacation in the US visiting family and friends on the East and West Coast.  One of my college friends who I hadn’t seen in over 10 years had asked if we would have a chance to get together as she wanted to introduce me to her daughter named Eleka (who is actually named after me but they spelled it differently so that it is easier to pronounce).  Unfortunately, due to our packed schedule it didn’t seem like it would be possible to meet up with her.
    The day before we flew back from the East Coast to San Francisco, I was thinking of my friend and wondering whether there would be a chance to surprise her and pop over to her home for 20 mins just to say hi and meet her daughter.  I had seen other friends I had wanted to see but felt that I was missing out if I didn’t see her and meet Eleka.
    On the plane to San Francisco, walking down the aisle, a lady stopped me and asked if I was Elika!  Immediately I recognized my friend from college and had goose bumps wondering how it was possible!  Here we both were on the same flight and I was thinking of her just the day before!  She introduced me to her family and to her daughter Eleka – what a cutie and what a delight to meet another Eleka!
    I couldn’t help but think this was not a coincidence! We were meant to see one another and spend time on that flight.  Somehow the universe had arranged it!
    Have you ever had such experiences?  I would love to hear your stories!


      sigi guy August 8, 2010Reply

      An amazing story, Elika! I had many “coincidence” in my life but this is truely an amazing one.

      Tarry August 8, 2010Reply


      Sally Lazanas August 9, 2010Reply

      This is one of my favourite kinds of stories, Elika, thank you!…sometimes when they happen, I realise only later that when the “co-incidence” happened, it had seemed so natural that i didn’t question it. I realise later the sequence of events that allowed such a thing to happen, often related to timing, was intricate and complex. I imagine that this is a kind of pulse of life outside of our usual day-to-day awareness, perhaps underlying it? What do you think?

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