Taraz's love of music

One of the pacts I made in raising my children was never to pressure them to pursue music.  Of course the reason for this is because I wanted them to develop the love of music of their own accord.  For the most part, I have managed to keep my pact and I’m ecstatic that both of my children love music.  Taraz, my son, used to play classical piano and a few years ago he suddenly decided that he wasn’t interested in playing any longer.  Initially I panicked not knowing what to do as I remembered my promise…  After some reflection, I decided it would be best to give him a choice. I told him that since he no longer enjoyed classical piano, he could choose whatever other style of music he wanted to learn instead.  Some may say that was pressuring him but I knew that he would regret not continuing with music someday if he stopped.  And I also knew that he loved music and jazz!  I was very relieved that he chose to start jazz piano lessons.  Then, a couple of years ago Taraz surprised us by asking if he could start playing the saxophone in addition to the piano.  Most parents would have been pleased by his enthusiasm but I was afraid he would be burdened by too many hours of practice only to realize that the sax was not his thing.  After a couple of months of Taraz insisting, we gave our blessings on the condition that he stuck with it for at least a few months.
I am so proud of Taraz’ persistence and perseverance even though at times it has not been easy learning 2 instruments.  It has been a lovely gift to see him enjoying these instruments and thriving in learning them!  A couple of weeks ago, Taraz started learning to play songs by Coldplay and other artists on the piano and exploring his voice too.   And last week he played the song, Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart will go on’ on his sax as part of a concert.  It was so lovely to be in the audience and help him with mic checks and all the preparations.  I was a very proud mum that night watching him playing his sax so confidently on stage.
In addition to his musical talent, I love Taraz’ qualities of compassion and thoughtfulness and always looking out for his mum! Love you T!

Taraz playing his sax in concert recently

Taraz playing jazz piano with Uncle Farzam

Taraz and me on a special trip

Taraz playing his sax at his elementary school graduation

Playing piano at a jam session


    Marilyn Higgins July 3, 2010Reply

    It’s so much fun to see a child blossom through a chosen art. Can’t wait to hear some of Taraz’s playing someday! Thanks for sharing your joy and good parenting!

    Felisha July 3, 2010Reply

    He is so talented. Takes after his mom. 🙂

    Tarry July 3, 2010Reply

    Congratulations, Taraz! I am so proud of you and your accomplishments, especially your persistence and perseverance in learning two instruments 🙂
    Love, Dad

    Varya July 4, 2010Reply

    it’s so exciting to read about your achievements, dear Taraz! Hope to hear you playing in person soon!
    Dearest Elika, what a wonderful mother and a great example to your children you are.

    jaleh July 5, 2010Reply

    I too am such a proud granma! Very well done our precious T and well done for you both his devoted mum and dad! Hope to hear the children play some day soon.

    sigi guy July 15, 2010Reply

    Great to see you Teraz! This little boy is playing now 2 instruments!
    We also feel very proud of you!
    We send you a hug, dear Teraz and we miss you too.

    Elika July 20, 2010Reply

    Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement for Taraz. I’m a very proud mom! 😀

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