The Bazaar is coming!

I recently blogged about a bazaar I will be participating in on November 27 at Western Academy of Beijing.  Each day I’ve been making new cards for the bazaar (each one is unique) so there is a wider selection to choose from.  A few days ago, I set up a mock table in our home and designed what it would look like for the bazaar.  I’ve been thinking a lot about presentation and I wanted the table decoration to be as beautiful as the cards themselves. Here are some photos I’ve taken of the table and the cards.  Hope to see you there!


    jaleh November 25, 2010Reply

    They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! May we pse buy a couple sets? thanks!

    Varya November 26, 2010Reply

    These are gorgeous!!! Love each of them. And what a beautiful table design! You are so utterly creative, dear Elika!

    sigi guy November 26, 2010Reply

    Dear Elika, I loved the cards and the way you presented them.
    Absolutely beautiful things
    Good Luck!

    Elika December 9, 2010Reply

    Jalehjoon – yes I will bring you some as gifts. Can’t wait for you to see them.
    Thanks Varya and Sigi! It was such fun designing the table and making the cards. I kept pushing myself to the limit. The biggest hit at the bazaar were the cards so I’m glad all the work paid off. 🙂

    Shohreh January 24, 2011Reply

    Your art is stunningly gorgeous!

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