Meditations of the Spirit, Chinese CD – Released!

I’m very happy to share that we’ve just released a Chinese CD, Meditations of the Spirit, which I co-produced with Jarome Matthew!  For those of you living in China, you can find more information about the songs here and can order them on that website.  To make orders in North America and other parts of the world, please click here.
For more information about the songs, please visit this blog. All the songs are in Chinese with a few bilingual songs.  The last song on the CD entitled, ‘Commune With My Spirit’ is a piece that I sing in Chinese.  You can listen to them on links above.  Enjoy!
Chinese CD cover


    jaleh March 3, 2010Reply

    I am so excited to have this new release!! Thank you! Continue on with many more to come…

    Elika March 8, 2010Reply

    Thanks Jalehjoon. Working on getting some more music out soon. 🙂

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