New music, Edge of Forever now available!

I’ve been waiting for this moment for awhile now….
In my last blog I shared that we are about to release some new material and I’m excited to share my 3 new songs which are now available online!
I’ve added a full length version of one of the songs for you in this blog entitled, ‘Edge of Forever’.  This song is about the struggle between our spiritual nature and our attachments to this world. It is so easy in this life to become distracted with all sorts of things and forget our spiritual existence.  We become paralyzed and entrenched in our daily lives in a web of busyness and neglect our true selves.  We wanted to create a song that shows this struggle between these opposing forces and how our desires can taunt and misguide us. Hopefully you will get a sense of that in the lyrics:
“Like a vapour in a desert
This world is so fleeting
The realm of eternity is everlasting

Feel the eternal flame
Drawing you into the edge of forever
It calls your name
Raising you up from this mortal world”

These lyrics as well as the rhythm, and the flamenco guitar which is one of my favorite live instruments, make me excited about this song.  Eric Harper plays the guitar Edge-of-Forever-Coverinfusing the song with gorgeous rhythms on top of Jarome’s vibrant composition. It has been a thrilling journey exploring this new style of music, writing original lyrics and incorporating harmonies and rhythm. I’ve been so looking forward to adding more percussion to my music as I’ve been hesitant in the past despite being raised surrounded by African rhythms! Despite a progressive Latin feel, the melodies ended up with a bit of Middle Eastern flavor which I felt added to the diversity.
Listen to the title song, ‘Edge Of Forever’:
This song as well as the 2 other new songs are now available on iTunes internationally, Amazon MP3, and most other stores online.
I’ll be posting more about the other songs, and adding them to my music page with links soon.
Can’t wait to hear what you think of my new music venture!


    Felisha January 31, 2010Reply

    Dear Elika,
    Once again you’ve created an amazing song. I love the Latin and Middle Eastern influence! It suits you. The lyrics are so thought provoking and ethereal. Looking forward to hearing more.
    Lots of love,

    Phil Morrison February 1, 2010Reply

    Elika….. I love your new tune “Edge Of Forever” written with Jarome. Both
    the lyrics and the music are so moving and complement each other…plus the
    outstanding guitar work…..Congratulations!!! phil

    Elika February 3, 2010Reply

    Thanks Felisha for all your loving support. So glad you enjoyed the song.
    Hi Phil! Thanks for sharing your sweet words about the song. It has been a wonderful adventure trying something new! Hope your music projects are going well.

    Sherri February 11, 2010Reply

    Yes!!! I am so happy that you are expanding your horizons. Love the song, your voice, and the guitar! Great job!

    mace February 16, 2010Reply

    Nice flava! If it makes you wanna move it’s gotta have something good goin on…

    Felisha February 16, 2010Reply

    I know I already commented on this song, but I listened to it again and it is really, really good. Makes me want to dance, it’s catchy, it’s a hit! I hope everyone gets to hear it.

    Darrell Elmer Rodgers February 22, 2010Reply

    SLAM DUNK! I got goosebumps listening to this one!! Fantasic job by you, Jarome Matthew, Eric Harper and all who worked on it. The wonderful counter-melody, vocal harmonies at the end give the etherial feeling that “edge of eternity” conjurs up in my mind. Congratulations on a winner!

    Walter Heath February 22, 2010Reply

    I’m knocked out again. The fusion of sounds is very exciting. I love it.

    Ricardo Nunes February 22, 2010Reply

    I really loved the song. It has an interesting beat and I am looking forward to hearing more. I live in Trinidad, West Indies and our little island is very cosmopoliton. We have a lot of different cultures blending in here and therefore a lot of different rythms and music. Latin and Arabic makes up a part of it. Our local music is chutney, soca and calypso.

    Ricardo Nunes February 22, 2010Reply

    Regarding my previous post I forgot to tick the box that says to notify me of followup comment via e-mail

    Kiyoko Nanni February 22, 2010Reply

    This is heavenly, Elika! While listening to the entire song with its beautiful mystic rythymic beat, I could picture myself floating towards the edge of forever! How wonderful if we could stay there! Thank you so much for enlightening me, again, with your beautiful music.
    ~ with love,

    Oraea Varis February 22, 2010Reply

    Love this goregeous sound…very worldbeat and your voice sounds gorgeous! Jarome’s composition is tastefull and rich. Yes.

    Fereshteh February 22, 2010Reply

    Very beautiful! thanks – could not open the other two songs 🙁

    Edwin Edpalina February 23, 2010Reply

    Love this new song!
    The instrumentation and vocals sounded great.
    Congratulations Elika!!!

    Micheal David Barry February 23, 2010Reply

    These new songs are the first I have ever had the pleasure of hearing from you. They are all beautiful and wonderfully done. Love them all. I especially like this mixture of rhythms and the words are worthy of contemplation and reflection.Thank you for sharing your talents and skills as an artist and those of your companions. Champions one and all.>><<:)

    Jene Bellows February 24, 2010Reply

    Hi — Congratulations on your new song. I want so much to hear this, but it won’t open. Any suggestions. No sound. iTunes is my default player?Elika, you have my e address, You ask for my “mail”, that means e mail, right/

    Yelena February 26, 2010Reply

    Thanks a lot Elika, I am enjoying the tranquility of your music, that reflects how complete you are as a personality. all the best with the future projects, I am sure Leila, Farzam and the rest of the family are happy!

    Betty March 6, 2010Reply

    Dearest Elika,
    What a blessing to have such a talented musician like you with us here!! This one is so exotic and just LOVE it:-)!
    Much love,

    Elika March 8, 2010Reply

    Thanks everyone for your encouragement. I’ve been so excited to share this piece with you all. It’s been so much fun creating it and singing it. Looking forward to doing more…

    Derald Hendry April 14, 2010Reply

    The music is terrific! The feeling and rhythm seem to envelop you as you listen to it unfold…You are so talented and you share your talents with everyone you meet.

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