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  • ‘Listen’ is the title of the last of the 3 songs that I am releasing this month!  My inspiration of writing original lyrics started with this song so it has a special place for me as this is where my journey of song-writing really started.
    The song was originally a piano piece composed as a ballad but Jarome decided to experiment with the song to see what we could do with it.  He tried some different ideas that I hadn’t explored before but I wasn’t sure about whether they were working.  It was all so new to me and I felt I was just starting to break out of the regular mold of writing music that I was used to.  So we tried several different versions with various arrangements. After hearing all the versions, I asked for a simpler arrangement with strings but felt it didn’t work either.  We left the song for quite a while to just let it sit and see how it felt after a few months.  I finally decided to go with a version with original drums because it had more impact and energy.  With Jarome’s recommendation, we changed the structure of the song quite a bit and added a stronger chorus with the background harmonies you will hear with the words, ‘Listen to how I feel.’  It finally felt right and I’m ecstatic with the result of the song.  I’m tempted to let you hear the original version with the piano.  I may decide to post it in a subsequent blog just for fun so you can hear the difference and how far it has come.
    I won’t share the meaning of ‘Listen’ in this blog as Ill let you create your own idea of the meaning of the song.  Let me know what you think. Enjoy!
    You can hear ‘Listen’ below:
    For more information for downloading the new songs, please click here.


      Jarome February 13, 2010Reply

      I know I’m biased Elika, but I think your voice sounds so exciting on this new style of music!
      Your vocal performances are by far the best you have ever recorded on these 3 new songs, there is so much feeling and emotion, and all the little nuances that you have added to the vocals are just incredible.
      I’m so proud of your work on these songs, great job!
      Can’t wait to work on the next 3

      Elika February 14, 2010Reply

      Thanks Jarome for all your support, encouragement and hard work on these songs. I’m so grateful for all the time and effort you took in making these songs sound so polished and in bringing out the best in my voice. Looking forward to working on more projects together!

      Felisha February 16, 2010Reply

      I love this new song and new arrangement. Your voice is beautiful and uplifting as always. I like the style of music as well, the drums are a great addition. Looking forward to hearing more!

      Keith Williams February 17, 2010Reply

      Elika……….Wow! This is very differntly rhythmically than what I’m used to hearing
      you do. Good for you! We should always be trying to reach outside of our boxes to
      unexplored territory as artists. I want to do more of that myself. I love the drum
      beats. The long tones that you sing over the lively drum beat is a nice contrast.
      It’s like your melody is floating over the strong rhythmic base. Keep doing more of
      this and keep reaching out even farther; great harmonies and a beautiful melody.
      Keep up the great work!———Keith

      Sigi Guy February 18, 2010Reply

      Hi Dear Elika,
      Iloved it!

      Varya February 22, 2010Reply

      Love it, Elika! Love the new style and how your voice is intertwined with the tunes!

      Tricia Hague-Blackford February 22, 2010Reply

      I am suitably impressed my dear, your voice is that of an angel. Certainly a soul from the next world is using you all to touch the hearts of millions. That voice of yours is outstanding to say the least. I love the new style. Keep doing what you are doing, and as others have said, i cannot wait for the next set of 3. Baha’i Love and greetings from New Zealand. I would love to see what you can do with that beautiful Hidden Word from Baha’u’llah, that starts out “Have you forgotten that true and radiant morn…….when beneath the shadow of the tree of life… etc.

      Markus February 22, 2010Reply

      Dear Elli, this is a beautiful track – as all of your work is. But this is the first time that I hear one of your pieces with drums involved. Personally, I’m somewhat partial to contemporary jazz, and this one is going that direction. I’m curious what the addition of an alto saxophone would do for one of your next recordings.
      Sending you love and best wishes from all of us in the Windy City.

      Fereshteh February 22, 2010Reply


      irena February 22, 2010Reply

      Dear Erika!
      Waht a beautiful and lovely voice jou have!
      Sending you best wishes from Sweden:)

      Marshall Royse February 23, 2010Reply

      Dear Elika,
      I love this song! I close my eyes when I listen to it and not only hear it but feel it. I started my Tuesday evening Interfaith devotional meeting this week with Listen. You are so talented, thak you for sharing it with us.

      Chantale Baillache February 24, 2010Reply

      Beautiful song.,Melodious voice.
      I greatly

      Chantale Baillache February 24, 2010Reply

      Beautiful song ,Melodious Voice!
      I greatly appreciate.

      Shirin February 27, 2010Reply

      Amazing song. Your voice has such power, effect and emotion!

      Jonetani.Tavadroka March 2, 2010Reply

      So brilliant ,beuatifull singer,voice and the lyrics touch and reach out to the hearts everyone ,who listen to it.

      Elika March 8, 2010Reply

      Thanks everyone for your very kind messages about ‘Listen’. I’m so thrilled that you’ve enjoyed it and shared it with others.

      Glenn Franco Simmons March 8, 2010Reply

      The harmonies are inspiring, and they gave me goose bumps.
      Your songs are so well-done, that many bring tears to my eyes, some of joy, some of sadness, some of remembrances.
      Thank you for sharing.

      semere April 8, 2010Reply

      I like it. Great !

      Walter Heath April 13, 2010Reply

      You can sing anything! And sound great doing it. I love your vocal tones, and the passion. This is magnificent. Jarome’s production is so right on.

      Laili April 17, 2010Reply

      Elika joon, I am one of your biggest fans! 🙂 The song, Listen, is very beautiful! It has become my favorite song, and I listen to it several times a day! I absolutely love the lyrics and melody! Thank you very much!

      Hala April 19, 2010Reply

      Beautiful song! I love your voice…whatever you sing always sounds sooo beautiful!

      jaleh May 14, 2010Reply

      It’s just great!

      victoria June 28, 2013Reply

      Listen to how i feel ….Love it …Heavenly voice

      Elika July 1, 2013Reply

      Thank you dear ones. So happy to know you are enjoying the song!

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