Album sampler video from Vast Days – Beyondsphere!

I wanted to share this creative video preview of  the brand new release, Beyondsphere, that Ali Kesanto produced. He is the mastermind and talented creator of the electronica album Beyondsphere from Vast Days.  Ali composed and wrote lyrics for all 9 songs on the album and I had the pleasure of singing vocals for 4 of them.  What is unique about this album is the sci-fi story that accompanies the songs and furthers the experience. You can read it here.
I wrote in more depth about one of the songs on the album entitled, Seian, that I sang vocals for. Read more about it here. In another blog, I also share more about the album itself and how I collaborated with Ali. To find out more about Beyondsphere and listen to the songs, click here and to download the songs, click here. Enjoy!


    Tarry April 26, 2010Reply

    Great stuff!

    Elika May 3, 2010Reply

    Thanks T! Lovely to hear from you. 😉

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