New song 'Persecution' dedicated to Baha'is in Iran

I am moved to share with you, Persecution, the new song I wrote about in my previous post about the persecution of the Baha’is in Iran, and the unjust arrest of 7 Baha’i leaders there.
You can hear it right now below:

You can download the song here and to share it with your friends so we can spread this news further:
I had previously written another blog about what inspired me to write Persecution.  Click here to read it. And here is a very moving video that was created by my friend to accompany the piece. 
Thank you for sharing this with as many people as possible! You can also use the ‘share this’ link below to spread the word.



    Cynthia F March 10, 2009Reply

    Thank you so much for this! I haven’t been able to download it yet for some reason, but I am so touched just by this effort you have made to be with our beloved friends at this time in this way. Bless you!

    Sarmad March 11, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika,
    AWESOME song! Varya and I both loved it! 🙂 And we love you!
    Hugs and love,

    Hala March 11, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika,
    Thank you! It is a beautiful melody…and very moving.

    Shamim Bina March 11, 2009Reply

    Ya Baha’ul Abha! Thank you for writtening this song. It was very moving. Good job Elika!
    God Bless,

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  • Dawn Adams March 12, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika: A very beautiful tribute to these souls who are willing to give their lives for the wonderful Baha’i Faith that I have only been a member of for thirty eight years. I hope and pray that I am never tested in this area, but if ever I am, I can only hope that I would be as courageous as the Baha’is that live, and are constantly intimidated and persecuted by the Iranian government and some of the clergy.

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  • Ravi March 12, 2009Reply

    Elika dear, Thanks for this superb contribution that kindle the hearts to beseech the Blessed Beauty to fortify our beloved in the prison and in Iran during this trying times.

    bita March 12, 2009Reply

    allahuabha thank u very good

    Haidy March 12, 2009Reply

    Thank you for this new wonderful song.

    Elika March 12, 2009Reply

    Thank you so much for all your kind and encouraging words about the song Persecution and thanks for sharing it with others too.

    Cecy March 13, 2009Reply

    hi.. i love it, i love the melody, and your voice is so pretty..
    but, can you put the lyrics of this song? cause my English is so basic and i want to understand very well to appreciated it much more.. please..

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  • Elika March 14, 2009Reply

    Hi Cecy, Thanks for writing and sharing how you feel about the song. I just posted the lyrics of the song here:

    Erich - Bookshop European House of Worship March 14, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika, It is a wonderful song and I feel that it is helping our friends in the Iranian Prison; The wonderful song and the wonderful voice is circeling around the globe. Many thanks for this.

    Elika March 14, 2009Reply

    Lovely to hear from you Erich! Thank you for your kindness. I’m so thrilled that many friends are hearing ‘Persecution’ and sharing it.

    Shahrokh March 15, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika, The echo of your cry reached Europe (Italy).
    Hope to spread it all over the world.

    Rishel March 15, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika , i had download this song . And will share it with more BAHA’I friends. it’s really very nice . and we are pray for our BAHA’I friends .

    Shabnam March 16, 2009Reply

    That was really enjoyable and full of emotions ,Thanks .

    Giovanna Antognozzi March 16, 2009Reply

    Grazie Elika per aver trasformato il dolore in musica, brava,
    un caro saluto

    jaleh March 17, 2009Reply

    What a solace this song is for us all. Thank you my love Elly. Our prayers surround them everyday and you too! love you 😉

    Elika March 17, 2009Reply

    Thank you Shahrokh for spreading Persecution even further.
    Rishel, Shabnam and Jalehjoon – I’m so glad you enjoyed Persecution. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Grazie Giovanna!

    Ava Bowers March 18, 2009Reply

    Thank you Elika!

    parvin March 18, 2009Reply

    Very moving, and beautiful. Thank you Elika,

    Peyman and Noora March 18, 2009Reply

    We are Bahais living in Iran, and your beautiful song brought tear to our eyes. What keeps us strong is knowing that people in different parts of the world are fighting for us, each in their own way. You are a Champion of Jstice…you are the voice of the unheard…May God bless you…
    Thanks again…

    Lua March 19, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika,
    I admire your dedication to the Faith. Please give us some more beautiful songs. Let’s spread the Faith in any form we can. God bless you.

    Elika March 19, 2009Reply

    Most welcome dear Ava and Parvin. Glad you enjoyed the song.
    Dear Peyman and Noora – your kind words, all the way from Iran, were so moving and touched me deeply. You are the champions of justice and we look at your example of steadfastness and sacrifice with great awe. Thank you for being such incredible models of faith and forbearance. We will definitely be keeping you all in our prayers.
    Thanks Lua for writing. I look forward to sharing more songs with you soon.

    Bahram Aghili March 20, 2009Reply

    Hi Elika, this is the voice of the angels and so powerful in spirit,
    Thank you,
    Adelaide ,Australia

    Elika March 24, 2009Reply

    Thank you Bahram for your touching comments and for sharing it with others.

    moosa February 23, 2010Reply

    hello Elika this is a very spiritual song
    Thank you
    Watford u.k.

    Amir Thompson June 5, 2010Reply

    That music is really incredible, and I’m not really into that type of music! I love it!

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  • glenn June 18, 2014Reply

    I love this song. I used it again on a post on my Web site. Thank you for the song and thank you for allowing the linking from You Tube.

    Ezzat Heirani November 9, 2015Reply

    Elika, thank you so much for this extraordinary song, it’s so beautiful tribute to these souls who are willing to give their lives for their loves for Baha’u’lla’h.
    We are friends in FB

    Elika November 9, 2015Reply

    Thank you Glenn for sharing ‘Persecution’ on your website. And thank you Ezzat for your kind words about the piece. There is now a video available to view that accompanies Persecution. I have added the link to the blog.

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