Lyrics for Persecution

First of all, I want to thank those of you who have shared the song ‘Persecution’ with all your friends so that we can spread the word about the plight of our dear Baha’i friends in Iran.  I have been deeply moved by your comments and the response and have felt such a unity with everyone trying to support our friends In Iran who have been and continue to suffer simply for not recanting their beliefs.  We are making sure that their sacrifices are being heard everywhere in the world.  
I would also like to thank my producer, Jarome, who worked tirelessly on this song so that we could share it with everyone quickly.
I mentioned in my last posting that I would share with you the lyrics of Persecution.  My favorite words in this song are: “You can burn their homes but not their spirits, Seize their land but not their souls”.  The words are so powerful and resonate deeply within me.   They reflect how no persecution will affect the faith and dedication of the Baha’is in Iran.
They dedicated their lives to a noble purpose
Innocent victims, imprisoned for their beliefs
Their suffering knew no bounds, Only comforted by prayerful sounds
Why do you think you can stop the world from knowing, Prevent the truth from showing, You can’t block the sun from shining
Their children suffer the same fate, Subjected to an endless hate
Denied basic human rights, Yet guided by a greater light
Pressured to recant their faith, Their Holy Places destroyed, 
Their graves unearthed, no place to bury their dead,
Denied the right to education, Riddled with false accusations
You can burn their homes but not their spiritsSeize their land but not their souls
I have shared a little bit about my own family and how they were persecuted in Iran in an old post.  You can read about it here.
Below are the 7 Baha’i leaders who are being imprisoned in Iran. 


    Jarome Matthew March 14, 2009Reply

    Thanks Elika, Glad to see how your desire to express what these events have stirred up in you is being appreciated and has helped spread awareness more than you probably could have imagined dear Elika!
    When Elika first shared this song with me, she was so on fire about it, but as usual, after spending a bit of time on it, we put it aside as it didn’t fit with our current productions. But a few weeks ago, as tension mounted and awareness was spreading Elika said, Jarome, we must put this song out right away! And I agreed.
    Glad we could do that in such a short time and everyone doesn’t have to wait now to hear it and share it with the world.

    Sarmad March 15, 2009Reply

    Beautiful lyrics, dear Elika, and an absolutely lovely song! 🙂

    Elika March 15, 2009Reply

    Thanks Jarome for assisting with this song and making it a priority. I’m thrilled we could make it available in such a short time and I’m still awed by the response.

    Elika March 15, 2009Reply

    Thank you Sarmad. I’m so glad you are enjoying it.

    jaleh March 15, 2009Reply

    Elly Love, What can I say and what words to use for such soulstirring music and lyrics. You have done it again and hope you’ll continue producing many more to come… Thank you my precious love

    jaleh March 15, 2009Reply

    Many many thanks to Dear Jerome
    What more beautiful combination of talents could produce such wonders.

    Elika March 17, 2009Reply

    Thanks Jalehjoon. – yes I’m very blessed to work with such talent and dedication as Jarome. So glad you enjoyed the song. I’m still overwhelmed by everyone’s response.

    mona July 7, 2009Reply

    abha elika your voice in amaizing.i hope u countinie your job with best wishes

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