This Earthly Plane 1st in New Age/World category!

I’m feeling so moved and humbled to tell you that our song, ‘This Earthly Plane’ finished in 1st place in the New Age/World category in the ourstage competition!  I want to truly thank those of you who voted.  I am so touched that you would take the time to register and vote for all the songs until you reached ours.  It was an arduous process and I really wasn’t sure if people would vote but they did!  I’m in such awe as I’m now realizing how much support you have all given.  Thank you!  I would especially like to thank Jarome, my producer, for making this all possible and to congratulate him for such a lovely production on the song!  And I would also like to acknowledge Caroline Mackay for her beautiful harp performance on ‘This Earthly Plane’.
After realizing I’d won in the New Age category, I was listening again to the other top 10 entries and felt such wonderment listening to them.  I was so humbled because there were 2 in particular that I loved and felt should have also won because they are moving and fantastic compositions.  Then the most interesting thing happened… I was listening to another song that had won 1st place in the Spiritual/Christian category and the words of the song keep repeating, ‘You are worthy of your glory…’  The tears started streaming as I felt even more humbled…  I now believe even more firmly that anything is possible if you have faith.
Thank you once again for all your loving support and kindness.


    Jarome Matthew April 30, 2009Reply

    Congratulations Elika! It is so great to see thousands of new people hearing our work and being exposed to your talents.

    Phil Morrison April 30, 2009Reply

    Elika…..that is soooo wonderful that “This Earthly Plane” won the competition!
    Congrats to you, Jarome and all of those involved…..hopefully this is the begin-
    ning of many more good things coming your way which you so richly deserve!

    Elika May 1, 2009Reply

    Thanks Jarome. I’m so glad that our efforts are paying off!
    So lovely to hear from you Phil! Thanks for your sweet words. How’s everything going with you my talented friend?

    Auntieclare and Jon May 1, 2009Reply

    Congratulations Elika , you guys so deserve it.

    Sherri May 2, 2009Reply

    Congratulations, Elika, to you and your team! Great confirmation of your hard work and talents.

    sigi and boaz May 2, 2009Reply

    That’s great !!! We were so pleased to hear the news.
    Lots of love from sigi and boaz

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  • jaleh June 23, 2010Reply

    Very Well Done! Congratulations again on this great achievement. The world surely needs to hear it !

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