An inspiring conference, response to 'Birds Of Love' album

Last week I attended a highly inspirational conference on how to build a united world civilization. I had the opportunity to perform a piece from my Fire and Gold album, ‘The Bird Which Soareth’ with the video in the background for the first time.
I was also able to share the Birds of Love CD and book with a large group of people who attended the conference and the response overwhelmed me. I really didn’t know what to expect and was delighted when the first person I shared it with wanted to purchase 5 copies! I later realized that would disappoint some people later when I ran out of copies… So many people expressed what a unique and useful gift it would be for their friends getting married. One gentleman was proud to tell me that he had bought one as a Valentines gift for his wife and had already shipped it to her.
I hadn’t anticipated that the Birds of Love gift set would run out within the first day of the conference! I had underestimated the wonderful response I would get. We also sold out on the single CDs that we made available for Birds of Love (without the book) – a lot of people commented how it was lovely to have music on the theme of love and marriage.
I also performed ‘Blessing for Women’ from the Birds of Love album and was happy to be able to share that with everyone. I will be sharing more about this song in my next blog along with a video…
One of the most moving highlights for me was during one of the breaks at the conference. I bumped into a friend whose 2 year old daughter was singing ‘Blessed is the Spot’ and ‘I adjure Thee’ from my 2nd album, ‘Melodies of the Nightingale for the Family‘. Her mom told me that she sings the pieces from the CD often and listens to it everyday. Listening to a 2 year old singing prayers so beautifully was truly inspiring! Many friends commented how Fire and gold has helped them through difficult times and assisted them in memorizing the words. Lately I have been feeing so blessed to be able to share what I love to do with others and am so touched by how people have been deeply affected by the music.
Thank you for making all my efforts so rewarding and appreciated! I feel truly inspired to do more, and have already been working on exciting new music even though Birds Of Love has just been released!


    jaleh February 13, 2009Reply

    This is all so so exciting Elly love! I hope you’ll have enough copies for us here in Kenya! I can’t wait to see and hear it. What a gift to the world!!

    Elika February 18, 2009Reply

    Thanks Jalehjoon. Yes there will be enough copies. But for the limited edition Birds of Love gift set, there are less than 100 copies!! The fabric is gorgeous and they’ll come in special gold bags with lovely beads to adorn the bag and a hand-made card.

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