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I’m very pleased to announce my brand-new website featuring a new page for my new album, Birds Of  Love!
This is a very different type of web type of website from my previous one, it is a blog based WordPress site that I can easily update and bring you all kinds of exciting dynamic features.  However the transition has had its technical challenges, so please bear with me if you have any problems as we perfect the site.
Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it! I look forward to keeping in touch more often with you through it.


    Jeff February 7, 2009Reply

    Congratulations, I think it’s a big improvement!

    Kandice February 14, 2009Reply

    Thank you for a wonderful gift to us and our friends. The prayer for (wives and) husbands did indeed “lift me up to the heaven of holiness.” I’m looking forward to giving the book and CD set to my friend who just married.
    The love and hard work that has gone into this project is evident. I hope you will continue to apply your talents and energies to bring these spiritual treasures into this contingent world.
    Love, Kandice

    Elika February 18, 2009Reply

    Glad you like the new website Jeff 🙂
    Thank you dear Kandice for your kind words about Birds of Love. I’m so glad you feel uplifted by the music. Thanks for all your encouragement.

    Alex B March 30, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika,
    What can I say – your beautiful production “Birds of Love” reached me today. Your enchanting song and the precious booklet have truly sanctified the moment and the space around me – an astonishing effect! Thank you for bringing this gift of spirituality and love into my life.

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