Gift song from upcoming Chinese CD 'Meditations of the Spirit'

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We are excited to release a new spiritual Chinese compilation CD with some fantastic artists entitled, ‘Meditations of the Spirit’ that i’ve been working on over the last year.
The CD is primarily in Chinese but has a few bilingual songs (English and Chinese with some Arabic).
To give you a taste of this unique and diverse CD, I would like to share one of the songs. It’s called ‘God Is Sufficient’ and you can download it for free on my gifts page.  You’ll also find another free gift there from this album, ‘Rose of Love’ if you haven’t already downloaded it when it was released in June 2009. Click here to download either songs
Chinese CD cover
More details on the CD will follow when it is officially released soon.


    Glenn March 23, 2014Reply

    The Rose Of Love song remains on my Web site and I don’t think I will change it. It is so very beautiful. When I photograph flowers, I often listen to songs form Meditations of the Spirit, especially when I’m in one Japanese garden I cherish. I recommend that individuals purchase, if they are able to, the entire CD or download all the songs. They are well worth it. It is one of the most exquisitely beautiful collections of songs one will ever hear. Actually, words cannot really describe it. You have to hear it, experience it, feel it.

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