Meditations of the Spirit: Due date – December 2009

I’m in labor – figuratively speaking… I’m about to release a new compilation CD called ‘Meditations of the Spirit’ which is mostly in Chinese (there are several bilingual songs too).  It has been a year in the making and I must say in the last few weeks, I have felt the pangs of being in labor.  I often share with my friends how my creative projects are so similar to being in a state of pregnancy.  It begins with the excitement of an idea which slowly transforms and develops into a live product of beauty.   The effort, time, love and obsessing one makes over the ‘baby’ is phenomenal.  It truly is a labor of love, sacrifice, patience, detachment, pure joy and bliss during the process and as one waits for the ‘birth’ of the CD…
Friends have asked me for awhile to make a Chinese CD and it felt like the natural step to take as I have lived in China for about 10 years now.  It has been long overdue and I felt ready to take on the task.  With the help of my producer and a team of others, we embarked on a plan of action.  I had no idea how much work would be involved as we were hoping to take a few of the Fire and Gold pieces and translate them into Chinese and add on a few more songs… but it turns out that the project became a full-scale production.  This time though, I felt it was important to make it a collaborative process so we involved various artists and made it into a compilation CD.  We involved highly talented musicians and artists – the very talented Cheng Lin graciously agreed to sing on the CD and Jin R plays her original beautiful Yang Qin compositions.  Phil Morrison and Keith Williams generously added their gift of talent to the CD too and Siria Rutstein, the youngest of the group, contributes her magical voice to the mix.  Jimmy adds a few of his compositions and one of my favorite guitar players, Eric Harper, plays his beautiful guitar on one of  the tracks.  We also have 2 talented ladies singing in Chinese – Zhao Li and Lily (I wanted an authentic Chinese accent but couldn’t help but sing one of the Chinese songs on the CD).
Now it’s the stage of waiting for the delivery…  The masters were sent yesterday from Canada and the designs are ready so another few weeks to wait for the finished product.  Approximate due date: December 15th. 😀
Chinese CD cover


    Zaynab November 21, 2009Reply

    Elika, the cover is absolutely stunning! I’m sure it is a sign of the beautiful Writings and soul-stirring melodies contained in the CD. I love the way you collaborate with other talented artists and encourage each other to make something truly unique and memorable. With much love and anticipation for this new creation!

    Tanja November 21, 2009Reply

    Cannot WAIT to hear it and have a copy of my own!

    Phil Morrison November 21, 2009Reply

    I am as excited as you are regarding the release of your latest cd. It was such
    an honor and pleasure to participate in a project that exemplifies the beauty
    and exhiliration of ethnic, racial and international unity. Using the tools of
    your artistry and the principles of your Faith, you brought together Chinese,
    American, Iranian, African, Black and White members of the human garden…
    ….resulting in music that is truly food for the soul!! Thank you!!

    Darrell Rodgers November 22, 2009Reply

    Elika, Congratulations! I just posted a note to your producer Jerome Matthew conveying what I read a wonderful story by Joseph Shepherd yesterday. He said “those who lead do not follow the Path, The Path follows them”. You Elika, and Jarome, and all of your muiscal collaborators (some fine talent I might say) are Leaders, blazing a trail for Muisc From and FOR the Heart of China. God Bless You.

    Tracy November 22, 2009Reply

    Elika, congratulations for your new “baby” :-)! I cannot wait to enjoy your beautiful voice singing in Chinese!

    Elika November 22, 2009Reply

    Thanks Zaynab, Tanja and Tracy. It has been an exciting process collaborating with lots of talented musicians and I can’t wait for you to hear the CD!
    Dear Phil, how can I thank you for contributing your talents and time to the CD. It was such a gift to have you in my studio and watching you and Keith play together as Jarome recorded you. I hope we get to collaborate more together in the future as it brought me great joy. Hope you’re doing well dear.
    Thank you Darrell. Lovely to hear from you! Your comment touched me immensely and it reminded me of the quote, “Everything of importance in this world demands the close attention of its seeker. The one in pursuit of anything must undergo difficulties and hardships until the object in view is attained and the great success is obtained.” It has definitely been a blessing working with such talent and I’m so appreciative of all the time and sacrifice that Jarome and the musicians put in to make it happen.

    Maryam Tirandaz November 22, 2009Reply

    Dearest Elika, I’m so happy to hear that your Chinese CD is about to make its deput. I can’t wait to hear the beautiful melodies you have lovingly and painstakingly created. May the Creative Forces continue to inspire you.
    All my love,

    Sally Lazanas November 22, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika,Congratulations! The process you help to happen is so inspiring and exemplary. What is also impressive is that with so much creativity of your own and of each of those you work with, great patience has probably been very necessary? The power of joy at work, I say!

    Sally Lazanas November 22, 2009Reply

    Whoops. Much love and hugs.

    jaleh November 23, 2009Reply

    This is such wonderful news! Well done all! Can’t wait to hear your baby crying at the top of its voice reaching out not only to the Chinese but to all of humanity showing this oneness that is at its heart…

    Varya November 24, 2009Reply

    Waiting impatiently for this CD. It is such a gift to all of us and people in China. Much love.

    Elika November 24, 2009Reply

    Thank you beautiful ladies!
    Yes Sally – lots of patience was necessary in this project. I will share a little more about the process we went through and some of the interesting challenges that came up. But thankfully we all persevered!

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