Video of Birds of Love-CD and Book Gift set

I am excited to share with you a new video that was made by my label, prosoul, about our most recent release, Birds of Love.  We wanted to make a video to show more details of the Birds of Love gift set which includes a CD and book.  We realized that just describing it and showing pictures didn’t do it justice and felt that a video would best capture the essence of the project (short of actually seeing it in person).   The Birds of Love gift set is intended as a meaningful gift for any occasion.  It has been used as a gift for weddings, anniversaries, visiting a friend’s home, Valentine’s day gift, or simply to a loved one.  I would like to thank Felisha Matthew for her assistance in the making of the video.
Enjoy the video and please share this link with others.

Birds of Love Box Gift Set demo video link


    Farzam June 17, 2009Reply

    Well done Elly! I’m so proud and impressed by all you’re doing! Love you so much!!! Zam

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  • Elika September 17, 2009Reply

    Thanks dear Zam for all your appreciation.

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