The Baha'is in Iran

Yesterday I had a conversation with a dear friend of mine who shared her experiences of meeting one of her relatives who had come from Iran for a reunion with their family. Her relative had recounted some of the stories of hardship, suffering and persecution that the Baha’is had endured in prison. I came away feeling deeply moved by the strength, courage and attitude through all they have endured. Their steadfastness in their beliefs and their faith are such wonderful examples of courage and sacrifice.
So last night I felt very inspired to write a song about the persecution of the Baha’is in Iran. Writing lyrics doesn’t come easily to me, but for some reason, the words flowed quickly and some of them were truly inspired! When it came to singing the vocals for the demo, I was overcome with emotion halfway through the song as it was a reminder of the suffering my own family has endured in Iran. My grandparents were also imprisoned for being Baha’is and on many occasions were pressured to recant their faith. They were steadfast and were fortunate that they were finally released after several years in prison. My great uncle suffered a different fate – he was tortured, blinded in one eye, beaten and finally martyred for his beliefs.
Sadly, this pattern of persecution still continues. Just a few months ago 7 Baha’i leaders were suddenly taken captive and imprisoned in the notorious Evin Prison in Tehran, yet another part of the on-going campaign to attempt to eliminate the Baha’i community. Their current condition is unknown.
I plan to dedicate this new song to all those in Iran who have suffered and are suffering as a result of such persecution. The current draft of the chorus goes:
“Why do you think you can stop the world from knowing, prevent the truth from showing? You can’t block the sun from shining.” I’m very excited about how the song is developing.
I am attaching a moving video that was made by The Muslim Network for Baha’i Rights regarding the persecution of the Baha’is in Iran.


    Sarmad August 21, 2008Reply

    GORGEOUS!!! Can’t wait for the song, dear Elika! 🙂

    Keith Williams August 22, 2008Reply

    Hello Elika………..All 3 of us here in the band at the Wangfujing
    Hilton have been having problems since around the time the Olympics
    began of watching videos. The videos will play for about 10 seconds
    and then freeze for 20 or so. It’s frustrating so I may not watch the
    video for another few days. Hopefully it’ll be OK soon. That’s great
    that you wrote the new song. Phil has written a song called “The
    Martyr’s Rose” which in on our CHINA SKIES CD, with the erhu
    playing the melodoy…………very poignant. Keep up the great work
    and see you soon………………..Keith Williams

    Elika August 23, 2008Reply

    Can’t wait for you to hear the new song Sarmad!
    Thanks Keith – looking so forward to meeting you and Phil next week. I didn’t know there were 3 of you in the band! I hope the video will work soon as it is inspiring and I think you’ll enjoy it. Also look forward to hearing Phil’s song – ‘The Martyr’s Rose’ – what a lovely title.

    jaleh August 25, 2008Reply

    ELLY LOVE! So so happy about your newest song. What an amazing idea… longing to hear it love

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