Marriage Booklet

I’ve been married for thirteen years and I often try to remind myself of how precious married life is. It is easy to take it for granted sometimes as we see with so many marriages that fall apart everywhere. Getting divorced these days has become so common that it is hardly given a second thought anymore. Often people enter into marriage without much consideration and split up on a whim!
About a year ago, Tarry, my husband and I were asked to give a talk on ‘Enriching Marriage and Family Life’ to a large gathering. We felt very humbled by this task and weren’t really sure what to share especially to an audience where some of our friends were married far longer than we were. So we decided to create a booklet of quotations with questions. We divided everyone into smaller groups so they could have discussions focused around the theme of marriage. It turned out to be very useful, enjoyable and enlightening for many of those who attended.
I am attaching the booklet we made in case you would like to use it or share it with your friends. At the end of it, we have included some fun questions for couples to ask one another. Enjoy!
Marriage Booklet
I also look forward to sharing my new CD on the theme of love which I plan to release in January 2009! You can read more about it here.
Thought of the Day: “The true marriage… is this, that husband and wife should be united both physically and spiritually, that they may ever improve the spiritual life of each other, and may enjoy everlasting unity….” -Abdu’l-Baha


    Anna August 10, 2008Reply

    I wasn’t able to find the Marriage booklet.

    Elika August 10, 2008Reply

    Dear Anna,
    The Marriage booklet is highlighted in blue and says ‘Marriage Booklet’ just under where i mention that I am attaching it in the blog. If you still can’t find it, I’d be happy to send it to you directly.

    jaleh August 12, 2008Reply

    Hi love Elly
    So happy to know that you are doing all this… Thanks for the gift of the booklet. It is going to be so useful for so many and to incorporate it in the study circles too.

    Sigi August 12, 2008Reply

    Dear Elika,
    It’s been a joy to read your Blog and to read the Baha’i quotes that you are posting.
    Marriage and family values are treasured within the Baha’i faith, I was lucky to meet you and Terry and your Lovely children and to see how you apply those values and put family and marriage as a high priority in your daily life. You are an inspiration.
    Love Sigi

    Fiona August 15, 2008Reply

    Dearest Elika,
    What a beautiful idea! Thank you for sharing this. I also love the picture of you and Tarry!
    lots of love,

    Elika August 17, 2008Reply

    Thanks Jalehjoon for your encouragement. I’m hoping the booklet will be useful too.
    Dear Sigi, I’m the lucky one to have met you and your beautiful family. What a lovely example you are to those around you. I’m so glad you are enjoying the quotations and the blogs.
    Dear Fiona, thanks for your endless support and kind words. I’m so blessed to have you as a dear friend. 🙂

    Victor August 25, 2008Reply

    Hi Elika,
    Shahla and I wanted to thank you and Tarry for putting together and sharing this wonderful marriage and family life booklet. We’ve been doing the exercises over the last few days and have already benefited greatly from it. The section on hospitality got us consulting excitedly about what our new home will be like.
    Thank you!
    Victor and Shahla

    Elika August 26, 2008Reply

    Dear Victor and Shahla, I’m so happy to hear that you have enjoyed and benefitted from the marriage booklet! Thanks for sharing that. Please pass on my love to the whole family.

    Christi January 6, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika – I found your booklet thank you! I have copies from before and give copies to friends who appreciate it very much, too. Thank you.

    Elika January 7, 2009Reply

    Thank you Christi. I’m so glad the booklet has been useful to you and your friends. I am now in the process of creating an album with a special book of quotes to be given as a gift for married couples, anniversaries and special occasions. I look forward to sharing more about it very soon.

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