Uniqueness of Family

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I am sitting on an island called Koh Samui, in the gulf of Thailand, watching the sunset with its layers of shimmering orange, gold, pink and purple cover the sky with its beauty. I am mesmerized by the vivid colors. The beauty of this creation is a sight one never tires of.


We are having a family reunion and members of my family have flown from different parts of the world.  It has been several years since most of us have come together and catching up with each other’s lives has been delightful.  We have been kayaking, riding motorbikes, taking walks along the beach, snorkeling, debating hot family topics and gazing at the immensity of the ocean.  This time together makes me appreciate the uniqueness of each person in my family.  Hoping you have a wonderful evening of celebration and a happy new year!

Thought of the Day:

 If love and agreement are manifest in a single family that family will advance, become illumined and spiritual… 





    jaleh January 19, 2008Reply

    My Precious love Elly
    I always love to browse your blog, and see your beautiful creations, even though i have seen them so many times before but never get tired to see them again and hear your beautiful voice once more. Thanks for all the joy …

    Markus March 29, 2008Reply

    Aaaaand….where was my invitation? (Just kidding)
    Hope you and your family had a great time (the picture sure looks lovely). My mom, dad, and Armin send their love from Germany, and of course, Betty and I from Chicago. We often reminisce about our gigantic family get-togethers on Fridays, back in the homeland. Glad you all were able to organize one for yourself.
    I still owe you a picture of my family, which will be forthcoming soon (sorry, I’ve been awfully busy).
    Again, best wishes for a fantastic Eid and new year, and please extend our greetings and love to everyone (I’d do it personally, unfortunately, I don’t have everyone’s email address).

    Elika March 29, 2008Reply

    Thanks mum love for always appreciating what I do…
    Markus! You would definitely have been invited had we been in touch in December! We were a few months too late! You know you and your family are always welcome to come to China for a visit. We would love to catch up and meet the rest of your lovely family. All the best to you and yours.

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