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During the last two weeks of the production of ‘Fire and Gold’, there were some stressful moments and delicate decisions to be made.  It was the first time that I have manufactured a CD in China and this meant searching to find appropriate companies to duplicate the CD and print the booklet (my previous two CDs, ‘Melodies of the Nightingale’ and ‘Melodies of the Nightingale for the Family’ were manufactured in Hong Kong).  At one point, I felt flustered as to which direction to take and was under pressure to make all the arrangements in a very short time so that the CD would be ready on schedule. 

 At this point, a dear friend encouraged me to spend some time meditating so that I could calm my soul in order to make the best choice. 


 The next morning, after I prayed, I closed my eyes and sat in silence in order to clear my mind.   At first, all the possible options flooded my thoughts, but soon after that a sense of tranquility filled my soul and it became quite clear what I should do.  It was such a feeling of exhilaration after the confusion from the night before.  I am grateful for the reminder of a caring friend who understood the benefits of spending some time in silence.

Do you meditate?  I would love to hear your comments.

Thought of the Day:

“Meditate profoundly, that the secret of things unseen may be revealed unto you, that you may inhale the sweetness of a spiritual and imperishable fragrance…”  -Baha’u’llah


    Pieter January 3, 2008Reply

    Thanks for sharing this – it’s so vital to show the (for most an invisible) potential of prayer and meditation. Every story like this just silences me and inspires me with awe at the greatness and sacredness of our spiritual reality.
    We have had similar experiences at life’s major turns, and the outcomes have been beyond our imagination 😉
    Curious where you ended up manufacturing the final CD. And where did you take that beach photo? Or is that the sand was melted into your new CD?! Much love,

    Victor January 3, 2008Reply

    Dear Elika,
    I really enjoyed this post. The description of your meditative process made me reflect on my own practice and the beauty of that stillness of mind that one is able to achieve through meditation.
    “The spirit of man is itself informed and strengthened during meditation; through it affairs of which man knew nothing are unfolded before his view. Through it he receives Divine inspiration, through it he receives heavenly food.” -‘Abdu’l-Baha

    Elika January 4, 2008Reply

    Hi Pieter, thanks for writing. The CD was manufactured in China and the photo on the meditation blog was taken in Thailand. I love this photo as it was taken in the stillness of the early morning and you can’t tell where the ocean ends and where the sky begins. They merge into one.
    Thanks Victor for contributing to the blog. Wonderful to hear from you and thanks for sharing this lovely quotation. Thanks to you both for your encouragement and tips for blogging!

    Leonard Randolph Williams January 11, 2018Reply

    Brings about calm; as illustrated.

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