Video – Ten Courageous Women #OurStoryIsOne

Video – Ten Courageous Women #OurStoryIsOne

I just released a new video titled “Ten Courageous Women” for the #OurStoryIsOne campaign in honor of the remarkable Bahá’í women who displayed unwavering bravery 40 years ago in Shiraz, Iran.

This video aims to shed light on the lives and sacrifices of these extraordinary individuals.

🎬 Watch ‘Ten Courageous Women’ 

As I was creating and narrating this video, I was moved to tears recalling the strength of each of these inspiring souls and their example of steadfastness and sacrifice.

Together, let us honor the stories and legacies of these brave women, spreading their message of hope, unity, and love to all corners of the world.  

🌹 I invite you to leave a comment below the Youtube video which will help us share their inspiring narrative far and wide.

🌻 I hope you will also watch ‘Dance to Freedom’ – a powerful video paying tribute to the courageous women in Iran today who are striving for justice and equality.

🎵 Thanks to Bahram Dehghani for his beautiful recording of the nay flute and to Jarome Matthew for producing the instrumental piece which accompanies the video, ‘Ten Courageous Women’.

Learn more about the #OurStoryIsOne campaign here:

And below is the video ‘Dance to Freedom’ in honor of the women of Iran who strive for justice and equality.

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