This Earthly Plane – Video

This Earthly Plane – Video

This Earthly Plane is a new video that holds a special place in my heart. It is from my album ‘Fire and Gold,‘ which explores the theme of tests and difficulties we encounter in life.

This video is in memory of Kelsey Corinne Morand, a beautiful 10 year old girl who passed away a couple of weeks ago. Kelsey loved to create constantly and I’m sure she had a hand in helping me create this video as it all came together so quickly.

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‘This Earthly Plane’ takes one on a journey through life. A friend once described the process of spiritual growth as being akin to climbing a series of mountains. You ascend, see a beautiful vista, then descend, passing through a valley only to climb back up once more. In the same way our spiritual progress goes through the peaks and valleys of successes and challenges. But what is most important is that we keep on climbing… for something heavenly is in store…

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🎶 Immense gratitude to the talented musicians Caroline MacKay (Harp) and Mark McGregor (Flute) for their enchanting contributions, and special thanks to my producer, Jarome Matthew, for bringing this song to life.

Beautiful and radiant Kelsey Corinne Morand

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