Make Haste to Love video

Make Haste to Love video

A couple of years ago a talented friend of mine, Sonbol Taefi, invited me to record on one of her songs titled Make Haste to Love from her album Coral and Pearls.

Then last year Sonbol asked me to be a part of the video that she was making for the song. She recorded her parts in New Zealand while my segments were recorded in a beautiful park in Beijing. Originally, we wanted it in the Forbidden City but we were afraid that the guards might not be very welcoming! It was also raining the day that the videographer was available and so my supportive husband had the job of holding the umbrella!

Although I have not met Sonbol in person I have had the pleasure of collaborating with her on 2 of my songs. She sings the Arabic verse on Rejoice with Exceeding Gladness and the Persian part on The Mystery of God – Titles of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá.

Make Haste to Love is a plea for healing the multitudes of ailments affecting our world and the song is inspired by the following excerpt from the Writings of ‘Abdul-Bahá:

“O my Lord, my Defender, my Help in peril! Lowly do I entreat Thee, ailing do I come unto Thee to be healed, humbly do I cry out to Thee with my tongue, my soul, my spirit: O God, my God! The gloom of night hath shrouded every region, and all the earth is shut away behind thick clouds. The peoples of the world are sunk in the black depths of vain illusions, while their tyrants wallow in cruelty and hate. I see nothing but the glare of searing fires that blaze upward from the nethermost abyss, I hear nothing save the thunderous roar that belloweth out from thousands upon thousands of fiery weapons of assault, while every land is crying aloud in its secret tongue: ‘My riches avail me nothing, and my sovereignty hath perished!’”

“O my Lord, the lamps of guidance have gone out. The flames of passion are mounting high, and malevolence is ever gaining on the world. Malice and hate have overspread the face of the whole earth, and I find no souls except Thine own oppressed small band who are raising up this cry:
‘Make haste to love! Make haste to trust! Make haste to give! To guidance come!’”

🎬 Watch Make Haste to Love

Below is a collage of photos at the video shoot.  So grateful to my sweet husband for holding my clothes and my lyrics so I wouldn’t forget the words!

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