Illumined with His Love Video

Illumined with His Love Video

I am excited to share with you a new video titled ‘Illumined with His Love’.   As the world continues to face many challenges I felt it would be timely to create a video sharing the diversity and unity of humanity – a wonderful reminder that we are one family.   The photographs in the video show friends participating in conferences around the world.  I hope the video brings you joy and inspiration.  
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This composition incorporates a short passage from a recent letter written by the Universal House of Justice dated 30 December 2021.
After reading this particular letter, I felt very drawn to the last paragraph.   As I sat at the piano internalizing these inspiring words, I heard this melody and knew that I needed to record this song and share it with you. 
I wanted to release this video now for friends to use in any upcoming conferences as well as for personal and community reflections.  The purpose is to uplift, to inspire and to bring joy to these spaces.  Please feel free to share the video with your friends.
Thank you to Jarome Matthew for producing the song and to Farzam Sabetian for use of his beautiful photographs of the Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh.

Behind the scenes

Since we are in the US at the moment, I had to be creative about how I recorded this piece. Thanks to the support of my Patrons I was able to purchase some equipment in order to record the song in our basement. We had some technical challenges as I didn’t have access to the program I usually use to record vocals and piano. Thankfully my producer was able to make the song flow and bring it to life. Below is a photo of me recording the song. As I did not have a music stand I had to be creative and use a stick and a lampshade to attach my lyrics in order to record. See photos below.

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